The Feel Good Prescription


Vibrator is part sex toy and part sexual health tool, designed to provide pleasure by arousing the body.

Orgasm has been recommended for nervous disorders and often brings instant relief in cases of headache, fatigue, and general ‘nerviness’.

  • Waterproof Mini Bullet Vibrator
  • Illustrated User Guide for Use With or Without Partner
  • Appropriately Packaged in ‘Prescription’ Vial for Discreet Storage  

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Orgasm releases natural painkillers into your system, so much better than aspirin. It relaxes your whole body.


A vibrator gives you a higher intensity vibration or stimulation than fingers alone. And it can be focused directly on the area where you feel the most pleasure.

When you use a vibrator it externally stimulates the clitoris and surrounding erotic zones eg vulva, labia. The clitoris engorges with blood as the it becomes aroused. The vaginal tissue needs blood flow to stay lubricated and elastic helps to keep vaginal walls from thinning and drying out. 

It brings a smile to the face with a little relaxation time for yourself.

Who wouldn’t want to make this kind of pleasure a part of their health routine?

Some medications even impact a woman's ability to orgasm

Some medications even impact a woman's ability to orgasm

The National Institute of Health recommends: 

“for women who have decreased genital sensations or who fail to orgasm because of inadequate genital afferent input to the CNS, use of vibrators may overcome the sensory deficit in some instances by providing genital stimulation at greater intensity.”

Did You Know?  Vascular blood and nerve feelings changes as we age then ones sexual response will change requiring … Intense clitoral stimulation is often needed for women.

Female masturbation with a vibrator is one the most recommended treatment for women that have trouble achieving an orgasm.