10 simple steps for a great striptease and pole dance


1 You are in control so unless you say, you must not allow him to talk or touch you, unless you say.

2 Have your partner seated, with their hands behind their back or on their sides. This will intensify the effects of the tease.

3 Try to not touch your partner. Remember, that to tease sometimes the best way to do so is to not touch. You can change these rules depending on what you feel comfortable with, the goal is to tease, do it to the best of your ability.

4 When you enter the room you can move seductively or dance towards your partner or even begin your sensual dancing around the pole. Make sure your partner sees your naughty wardrobe that you have selected.

5 Whisper something naughty in your partner’s ear just to get him excited and going.

6 Interact with your partner by initiating contact so that he can continue to be excited and wanting more. Use your eyes to draw him more into the performance.

7 Continue the performance by doing a pole dancing show which will intrigue your partner even more. After the sensual sexy dance, you can now continue the show with the striptease.

8 When you start removing your clothing, don’t just simply remove it, let that playful seductive side take effect and just be sexy. Unbutton your clothes slowly, take your time, every few seconds slowly unbutton or take off an article of clothing.

Before removing all your clothes, dance and rub yourself erotically, try to be as sexy as possible, as you move closer to your partner, toss your removed clothing to your partner, and let your partner anticipate what is to come. Remember to time yourself according to the music, move around and continue dancing.

9 Once you are naked, dance slowly around your partner, and then rub your partner all over while loosening his clothing seductively.

10 If you really want to tease your partner even further you can end the performance by giving yourself and orgasm, it will definitely make your partner go mad with desire. You can even perform oral sex on your partner for being so patient during your wild sexy show, or rush him right into the bedroom to let him show you what was on his mind during your pole dance and sexy striptease.

Remember to be confident and have fun while doing it. Now, get up and start doing some stripping for an amazingly sensual night!