Couples Sensual Sex in the Shower

part 1


Imagine you step into the shower, to begin your Sunday morning or to unwind from a day filled with stresses of life, and as you reach for the soap and begin to lather up, your senses are heightened as  you surprisingly feel the body heat of your lover behind you, as he slowly places his lips and is about to kiss the side of your neck … then with his hands and lips, he begins to kiss the back of your shoulders as he moves his way around your back.  Mmmmm … and so passionate shower sex, begins.


There is something to be said for having sex in the shower.  And although sex anytime is wonderful…sex in the water…the water… there is an entirely different emotional, mental and physical feel.  Perhaps it should be called ‘water sex’, as there are many places to enjoy besides the shower alone.  Pools, lakes, the ocean and hot tubs come to mind and of course the most accessible, sex in the shower or bath.


Emotionally there is a detachment of stress that happens in the shower. The water, the silkiness of the feel all over the bodies, makes the sexual experience more basic and sensual. The deep sensual feelings of shower sex, the act of it all are absolute and pure. The warmth of the water, the wetness, and the tingles, when your lover touches you all over, are so erotic…….. Passionate shower sex at its best!


Mentally, there can be almost no thought … just the tactile sense of feeling. With fingertips grazing over the skin, barely felt, yet felt through every cell in your body. The slick, wet feeling between the bodies makes each one feel that they need to somehow hold on tighter and closer allowing the power of the orgasm to grow and build with greater intensity and can at times, almost be deeper, more sensual, more passionate than bedroom sex.  


By: I. M. Cyn      

WARNING Part 2 gets steamy and part 3 gets …………………….

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