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Woman on Top Sex Positions (cowgirl)

The woman on top position is also a very beneficial sex position for both partners, especially the women. This sex position allows the woman to take control of the depth and the motions of penetration. By varying the positions of the women while on top, she can change the angles of penetration frequently allowing better stimulation of the clitoris by her being on top.

In the variety of female on top sex positions, the woman can kneel over her partner or squat over her partner or recline on her partner thus changing the position and the area of the vagina being stimulated. She can choose to face her partner or face away from her partner also known as the cow girl position or the reverse cowgirl position. The squatting position allows the woman to use her calves as well as her thigh muscles for motion and different stimulation.

The woman on top sex position is ideal for either partner to additionally concentrate on clitoral stimulation.

Lovemaking Positions >> Woman On Top (Click on Illustrated Lovemaking Positions for full description)
Woman-on-top sex position, sexual positions, different sex positions, kama sutra positions, accordion kama sutra sex position, lovemaking positions
amazon kama sutra sex position, woman on top sexual position for clitoral stimulation, sex position pictures
The Amazon
Andromaque kama sutra sex position with clitoral stimulation towards orgasm!
Woman on top kama sutra lovemaking positions for clitoral stimulation
This is an intimate kama sutra sexual intercourse positions, one of the most intimate lovemaking position
Different sex positions, woman on top sexual intercourse position, best sex positions
The Bee
Best sex positions, different sex positions, sexuality positions, kama sutra positions, kama sutra sex positions, cowgirl position
Aggressive Cowgirl
Best sex position for partners to kiss and caress for sexual stimulation
This is a different sex position that requires both partners support to assure they both receive pleasure from this sexual position
A intimate and sensual sexual intercourse sex position that allows the woman to have control over penetration, clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation
This is a unique sex position that is a very different sex position to try, it's not your average sexual intercourse position
The Monkey
Reverse cowgirl position, cowgirl position, cowgirl position, lovemaking position, different sex position, sex positions pictures
Reverse Mastery
Great clitoral stimulation from this lovemaking position
See Saw
In this unique lovemaking position its easy to slow down ejaculation, one of the best sex positions to prolong sex
A sensual woman on top lovemaking position for a more intimate sex position
  A unique sex position with the woman on top which is a different lovemaking position
Turned Face


Women on top positions for woman that want more control sexually The best sex position for a woman that want to control depth and penetration Different sex positions with the woman on top that offer clitoral stimulation
The woman on top position is a beneficial sex position for both partners that are looking for clitoral stimulation The woman can also face her partner or face away from her partner in such sex positions as the cow girl position or the reverse cowgirl position In the woman on top positions the woman can kneel over her partner or squat over her partner which changes the position and the penetration
Lovemaking positions with the woman on top for added stimulation Sensual woman on top positions for the best sex Intimate woman on top sexual positions for the best orgasms
Intimate woman on top sexual positions for a better sex life  Different sensual sex position for an intimate sexual experience Best sex positions for lovemaking with the woman in full control over her clitoral stimulation
Sexual intercourse positions with the woman on top Intimate sexual intercourse positions for ultimate orgasms Different sexual intercourse positions with pictures of woman on top
Different sexual positions to add spice in the bedroom The best sex positions are woman on top if you want a lot of clitoral stimulation for better orgasm during intercourse Lovemaking for stimulation of the clitoris for ultimate orgasms


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