- Create a Life Size Replica
of ANY Penis

- Contains NO Latex

- Completely SAFE


- Fun To Do


ToGetHer Pleasure 'Do-It-Yourself Intimate Vibrating Kit'

Everything You'll need to make an exact replica of any penis, in the complete privacy of your bedroom.


Just add water insert your penis (60 - 90 seconds) pour the 'liquid rubber into the mold, place vibrator (included) wait 24 hours and pull out your detailed permanent replica vibrator

Together pleasure 'Do-It-Yourself Intimate Vibrating Kit' - turns an evening of intimate fun into a lifetime of vibrating pleasure. Everything is done in the privacy of your bedroom; no longer does the vibrator have to be hidden in your secret bedside drawer.

Together Pleasure 'Do-It-Yourself Intimate Vibrating Kit': Enrich your relationship and intimate sexual life

  • Fun intimate product for couples - Turns an evening of exciting intimate fun into a lifetime of vibrating pleasure.

  • No longer does the vibrator have to be relegated to your secret bedside drawer- Experience mutual sensual intimate stimulation,

  • Many people find just bringing up the subject of sex toys intimidating - Sex toys are more than just for her personal private pleasure, introduce some shared fun. Adds an intimate element to any couples sex life .

  • A fun creative activity for both partners that increases intimacy - Show that side of you that you rarely show to anyone else.

  • Many women use sex toys for their personal satisfaction when masturbating- Now include your partner and add some spice to your sex life.

  • Deepens your intimate relationship - While providing pleasure for your partner even when they're not available

Pillow Talk Idea - Leave this special intimate couples toy on the bed prior to turning in for the evening, with a note suggesting what you might like to have him do to you with it, even though it's really for the both of you.


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