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Standing up Sex Positions

Standing sex positions are very sensual lovemaking positions whether both partners are facing each other or the woman has her back to her partner.

When standing and facing each other this position is very similar to the missionary position in which both partners can then stare into each others eyes, hold, kiss and caress each other.

When standing and the woman has her back to her partner, this position is very similar to sex positions from behind. This position offers the same benefits such as g-spot stimulation and manual clitoral stimulation.

Lovemaking Positions >> Standing Up (Click on Illustrated Lovemaking Positions for full description)
This standing lovemaking position can be very intimate as both partners stare into each others eyes
Dirty Dancing
This standing lovemaking position is face to face sex position that is very intimate
Best sex position for deep penetration from this standing sex position
A great sexual position for deep penetration and vaginal stimulation
A different sex position that will add some spice in your sex life
This intimate lovemaking position requires stamina but the results are deep penetration and clitoral stimulation
  An amazing sexual position that will ensure variety in the bedroom


Standing sex positions are very sensual lovemaking positions Sexual positions while standing for a great sexual experience Different standing sex positions for the best orgasms
The best sex positions that are intimate for an amazing sexual experience Sexual intercourse positions while standing for a sensual experience The best lovemaking positions for g-spot stimulation
Standing sex positions that focus on enhancing your sex life Some of the best sex positions for enhancing lovemaking in the bedroom Sexual intercourse positions while standing for enhancing you sex life
Sexual positions for deep penetration and g-spot stimulation Standing sex positions that enhance intimacy for the best orgasms Different sex positions to enhance you sex life so that you have better sex

One easy standing position is to have the woman bend from the waist. This positions makes the woman's vagina is accessible and the man will find it easy to penetrate deeply. If the man enjoys being a little more physical then this position is a good one. The man ends up using more energy standing than lying down or sitting.

While the man stands the woman can sit on a desk, dresser or any surface sufficient for penetration. The woman can pull her pelvis forward and her legs apart at the edge of the surface. This sex position allows the man complete control of his thrusts. Also, the women can control the angle that the penis enters her by shifting her hips, allowing her much better orgasms using this position and masturbating as well.

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