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Missionary Sex Positions

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The missionary position is when the man is on top of the woman with both partners facing each other. The missionary sex position offers so much affection, allowing you to be so close to your partner. In the missionary position with both partners being face-to-face they can touch, hold, kiss and maintain eye contact with each other. You have a chance to explore each other while watching the expressions of pleasure on each others faces making it a sensual and intimate experience. The missionary position is also the most comforting positions to reach orgasm in which you both can climax in each others embrace.

The man on top position (missionary position) is also very versatile in which you can alter into a variety of other sex positions. When the woman positions herself just right, (coital alignment technique) she can easily reach orgasm by the man's pubic bone rubbing against her clitoris. If the woman wants deeper penetration than what the missionary position typically offers, the man can put a pillow under her 'tush' or raise the woman's legs and then pull her forward.

Lovemaking Positions >> Man on Top (Click on Illustrated Lovemaking Positions for full description)
For deeper penetration and clitoral stimulation try the anvil kama sutra sexual position
A deep penetration sexual position. One of the best sex positions for deep penetration and sexual stimulation
Clitoral stimulation from this altered missionary position for deep penetration, one of the best sex positions
Deep Stick
A unique and different sex position that promote deep penetration if your looking for a sexual intercourse position
Lotus 1
A different sex positions for deep penetration and clitoral stimulation that is an intimate lovemaking positione
Lotus 2
Missionary position one of the most intimate lovemaking positions, some consider it to be the best sex position
Sexual intercourse positions with sex position pictures that describe this sex position in detail
Different sex position for g-spot stimulation, one of the best sex positions for achieving orgasm
The Rabbit
A sensual sexual intercourse position for closeness and intimacy
One of the best sex positions that the woman can control the depth of penetration for many orgasms
Tiger Union


Man on top missionary positions for lovemaking Intimate lovemaking position from the missionary position The best sex positions for an intimate sexual experience
Different sex positions that derive from the missionary position Missionary sex positions for deep penetration Missionary sex positions for deep penetration
Lovemaking missionary sex positions that stimulate the clitoris for the best orgasms The best sex positions for face to face contact Missionary positions are the best sex positions for partner to look each other in the eye
Missionary position is the most comfortable position for both partners to reach orgasm together The best sex position for hugging, kissing and caressing No other sex position offers so much affection which allows you to be close to your partner
  Missionary position is actually very versatile because there are so many variations to this sex position  

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