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Everything you always wanted to ask others about their sex life Yet were too polite to Ask?

Sex Questions? Sexual Advice?

We all have questions of our own..

How long does the average couple spend making love? 15 minutes

How often does the average couple have sex
? 7-9 times a month

What is the average size of a male penis?
Full answer >>

How many calories in a teaspoon of sperm?
5 - 7 calories

What is the best sex position for a female orgasm?

How many of us have not asked or expressed what is on our mind out of fear of being judged?


Now you can! And best of all you can ask anonymously from the privacy of your computer. All questions received are posted on the 'ask forum' inviting responses and comments from others..

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When reading questions and comments from others, it makes asking and learning information non threatening, as one no longer feels alone or embarrassed. created the place where you can feel comfortable, private, respected, and yes , even a little excited.

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Your pleasure starts with a question! What is your question?

What would you ask others about their sex life that you are otherwise too polite to ask?
i.o: masturbation, different positions, pornography,
anal, role playing

Your Age:
Gender: Male Female
Sexual Orientation Straight Bi Gay

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