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Oral sex techniques for the best orgasm

Oral sex is when the mouth and/or tongue are used to stimulate the vagina or penis. Oral sex that is performed on the vagina is referred to as cunnilingus while oral sex that is performed on the penis is referred to as fellatio.

Oral sex is an enjoyable sexual experience. Developing and understanding the emotions and the intimacy that occurs during oral sex and during a climax can bring both partners closer. Oral sex can leave both partners physically satisfied as well as emotionally satisfied.

There is more to oral sex and than just reaching a climax. Oral sex can be more intimate than intercourse, with the right mindset, can be very gratifying emotionally. Both partners need to become familiar with each others needs emotionally and physically, it not just about making each other climax.

Great oral sex isn't just about the pleasure of reaching a climax, its sharing that climax that brings partners closer. Oral sex can sexually stimulate both partners fairly easily. Oral sex is not only great for foreplay before sexual intercourse it can play a roll following intercourse to achieve additional orgasms.

Much of the pleasure that comes from sex can be attributed to the mind. There are several erogenous zones that can stimulate the body and mind. The giver also benefits from oral sex because the mouth, tongue and lips are filled with nerve endings that also give sexual enjoyment. Both partners benefit from oral sex because of the dual stimulation of sensitivity being received and given.

To achieve orgasm the right amount of sexual stimulation and emotional connection is needed to climax. The emotions and the intimacy of oral sex play a major role in achieving orgasm. Along with an emotional connection and oral stimulation can lead to an orgasm due to the several sensitive nerve endings in the vagina and the penis. Bringing your partner to orgasm is fairly easy. Willingness to submit is the most important part with the expectation of an orgasm. Getting your partner to make you climax requires some sexual persuasion.

One problem associated with oral sex is the smell and taste of individual's secretions. Some men perceive that a woman's secretions have a bad small and a bad taste. Same as many women perceive that a mans ejaculate taste bad. The smell and taste isn't at all offensive, the natural aroma and taste of a female secretions can be quite pleasurable. Same as for men the taste of his ejaculation really has a lot to do with diet, habits and health. A couple should become familiar with each others bodily fluids once they are fresh and clean. Once a couple is familiarized with the taste and smell of these secretions then can excite the couple sexually. Swallowing each others cum can be extremely intimate act for both partner, it can be a significant symbol of love.

Good oral sex isn't just about reaching an orgasm, it about partners sharing their climax. When both partners make an effort toward climaxing through oral sex brings out excitement to the point of almost orgasm. This is when both partners mentality are set on pleasing and gaining satisfaction from pleasing each other.

Emotionally many women claim that they feel lonely when receiving orals sex, many want to be held, caressed and kissed. For this specific reason certain oral sex positions will draw couples in closer.

The most well known oral sex position is commonly called the "69"; in this oral sex position both partners are capable of stimulating each others genitals simultaneously. So that both partner can share each other orgasms drawing them even closer.

There are several oral sex techniques that can be used to give your partner pleasure and bring both closer together sexually. Satisfaction can be achieved with oral sex through nibbling, sucking, licking and kissing in the genital area of both men and women. The speed, the pressure and the kind of motion that is used can be altered for a combination of sensations. In this case, preference plays a key role in which oral sex positions and oral sex techniques that wants to be used. All these oral sex techniques can be varied when performing oral sex for better orgasms. That is why communicating is very important so that both partners get the best experience from each other sexually.

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