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Great oral sex positions

Different oral sex positions for a better orgasm

Finding a comfortable oral sex position is easy. The right oral sex position is the position in which you and you partner feel fully comfortable performing either fellatio or cunnilingus or both at the same time. There are several oral sex positions that are great for achieving orgasm for couples of the same sex and couples of a different sex. There is a misconception that there are only a few ways to perform oral sex but there are several oral sex positions that can provide a lot of pleasure.

Here at icame we will provide you with many oral sex positions:

Cunnilingus Oral Sex position

Oral Sex Position #1: Legs up: She lifts her legs up in the air as if she were in missionary position resting her legs on the shoulder of the man while he perform cunnilingus

Oral Sex Position #2: Sit down: The man lies on his back while the woman kneels over his face placing her vagina on his lips while he performs cunnilingus.

Fellatio Oral Sex Position

Oral Sex Position #1: Face Missionary: The woman lies on her back while man forms the missionary position moving forward to insert the penis in the woman's mouth, this oral sex position is great for deep throat.

Oral Sex Position #2: Upside down face: The man stands or kneels at the edge of the bed while facing the bed. The woman then lies on the bed with his or her head hanging over the edge of the bed backward then the man puts the penis into the mouth.

Oral Sex Position #3: Hanging head: The man hangs from a bar by his hands while the woman performs fellatio. The idea behind this oral sex technique is that while the pain in the arms from hanging increases so does the pleasure and the orgasm.

Oral Sex Position #4: Lying down: The man lies on his back while his partner kneels between his spread legs to give him fellatio.

Oral Sex Position #5: On your knees please: The man stands up and his partner kneels before him then performs fellatio on him.

Oral Sex Position #6: Sit down: the man stands in front of his partner while his partner sits in a chair or the edge of the bed then leans forward to perform fellatio on him.

Oral Sex Position #7: Facial intercourse: Same as the oral sex position "On your knees please", only in addition the man puts both of his hands behind his partners head to brace it while he inserts his penis into his partner's mouth usually for deep throat penetration

Simultaneous Oral Sex position

Oral Sex Position #1: 69 : This oral sex position simultaneous oral sex is when each partner is laying side-by-side or one on top of the other in a reverse role to give oral sex.

Oral Sex Position #2: Standing 69: In this oral sex position one partner holds the other partner upside down while the other partner's face is parallel to the partner's genitals to perform oral sex and also the holding partner can also perform oral sex.

Anal Oral Sex Position

Oral Sex Position #1: From behind - The passive partner is on all fours while the other partner performs analingus.

Oral Sex Position #2: Legs up - the passive partner is in the missionary position with his or her legs up while receiving analingus.

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