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Male sexuality consists of a variety of issues in reference to sexual identity, sexual behavior, physiology, and psychology that relates to sex. Our male sexuality guide offers information on ways to improve your sex life for a healthier sexual lifestyle.

There are different methods to male masturbation with several male masturbation techniques for better orgasm. Choosing the right male masturbation techniques is the technique that you feel most comfortable performing on yourself. There are different ways to masturbate to learn how to give yourself pleasure. Read More >>
Penis Size
When discovering the male sexuality the size of the penis comes into question. It is not abnormal to be curious about your penis size . It is an important aspect of the male sexuality because it reflects on how we appear sexually to the opposite sex or same sex. It's common to be curious about the average penis size and how you compare to other individuals. Read More >>
Male Orgasm
The best male orgasms can be achieved through several orgasm techniques. Male orgasm techniques such as prolonging orgasm, male masturbation, fellatio or a prostate massage can produce the best orgasms. Many men are even capable of being multi-orgasmic through practicing certain orgasm techniques so that they can achieve multiple orgasms. . Read More >>
Sexual Health
Understanding your sexual health is important not only to your physical well being but also your mental well being. Discovering your sexuality first starts with understanding the male sexual health . Assuring that all your sexual organs are functional and free of sexually transmitted diseases (STD's). The male sexual health is important when you want to achieve a healthy sexual lifestyle.. Read More >>
Education: male Anatomy
The male sexual anatomy focuses on the functionality and purpose of the male sexual organs . The male sexual anatomy reflects on puberty, reproduction, body image and sexual health in the male human sexual anatomy . The functionality of specific organs and body parts such as spermatic cord, testosterone, sperm , scrotum, and epididymis are all part of a healthy sexual male. Read More >>

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