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Rapid Ejaculation

Every man has experienced at least one sexual interlude in which he ejaculated sooner than he would have liked. Many men feel inclined to panic when this happens and they immediately claim that “this has never happened before.” This is a natural reaction, but it’s important to note that rapid ejaculation happens every now and then. The occasional rapid ejaculation is not really a problem. It only becomes a problem when it happens during 50 percent of sexual experiences or more.

When a man ejaculates too rapidly for his – or his partner’s – liking, he can do many things to curb this problem. First and foremost, when a man ejaculates too rapidly, he should try to satisfy his partner by any means necessary. Just because he already had an orgasm does not mean that the sexual encounter has to end. In fact, she probably won’t even remember how quickly he ejaculated as long as she exits the situation with full satisfaction.

In situations when it is not too late to avoid the inevitable, men can easily avoid rapid ejaculation by straying from the norm. A man will only climax if he greatly enjoys the sensations he feels. By changing positions or taking a break from actual intercourse, a man can give his body a bit of time to cool down and relax. Most women will not complain if their partner’s decide to switch from sex to oral sex for a little while, so this practice is as easy as it is beneficial.

Men who frequently experience rapid ejaculation can also prepare themselves beforehand by using a topical delaying lotion or ointment. These products can be found at every sex shop. Nowadays, they can even be found at most local drug stores. Delaying lotions and ointments work by partially numbing the penis to slightly decrease sensation. That does not mean that men will not be able to feel what they are doing. It simply means that the sensations will not be quite as strong while the product lasts, so men will be able to have sex for longer periods of time.

If you have a problem with rapid ejaculation, there is no need to worry. You are not a failure in bed and your sex life is not bound to be doomed. By following the simple tips and tricks described above, you will be able to last longer. More importantly, you will regain the confidence that you need to make sex more enjoyable for both you and your partner.  

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