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"Regards sur la bête" (« Aspects of the beast »)

Kama Sutra is known as the most prolific writings on the matters of sex. The Kama sutra was composed by Vatsyanna in 3rd century AD as a guide for sexual enjoyment , sensual pleasures using different sexual positions. Kama Sutra offers couples training in human sexuality with the art of love through sex positions.

Kama Sutra is actually an advanced literary work on sexual pleasure, which unfortunately has been downplayed as just a sex position guide. And Kama sutra sex positions are geared for partners that want to explore a variety of sexual positions. Kama sutra sex positions could ensure multiple orgasms and add better sex and sensuality from these different sex positions.

"The 69 "

The oral sex position "69" occurs when two partners stimulate simultaneous oral sex. Each partner whether male or female can be lying side-by-side or one on top of the other while performing oral sex.

"The Altar"

This sex position consist of the woman lying flat on her back on a table or a surface that is parallel for the man to easily penetrate while holding the woman legs and spreading them.

"The Andromaque"

In this sex position the man is lying on his back while the woman places herself on top of him, crouching or kneeling, keeping her torso straight up. She perfectly controls the depth and the rhythm of penetration.

"The Angelus"

In this oral sex position the man is standing while his partner kneels before him and while facing him the woman performs fellatio.

"The Bevel"

Starting from penetration in the missionary position the man then kneels, the woman slides one leg between the legs of her partner while bringing the other leg to rest on her partner's thigh shifting her weight to one side while the man continues to penetrate.

"The Brace"

In this sexual position both partners lie on their back side by side. The woman places her legs on her partner's hip and he penetrates her from behind.

"The Chapel"

The woman is lying on her back with her behind at the edge of the bed. The man kneels down between her legs, she wraps them around him and he penetrates her, keeping his penis horizontal

"The Charge"

By starting this sexual position the man remains standing while the woman wraps her arms around the man's neck, and then wraps her legs around his waist, which then make penetration fairly easy.

"The Coach"

In this sexual position the man is sitting on the bed, the couch or a chair, for a better hold. The woman then sits in his lap letting him penetrate her while wrapping her legs around him.

" The Coachman"

This sexual position consist of the woman lying flat on her stomach on a surface parallel to her partner while her partner spreads her legs and then penetrates from behind.

"The Compass"

Starting from the "doggy position", the woman can lie down slowly or simply lie down on her stomach and then the man can completely cover her while penetrating from behind. The woman can leave her legs open for the penetration, or she can tighten her thighs to firmly squeeze her partner's penis against her vagina.

"The Emperor"

In this sex position the woman is lying on her back, the woman spreads her legs with her feet in the air while holding her thighs. This allows the man to penetrate deeply in this deep position.

"The Empress"

Starting from a position where the woman is on top of the man and facing him, she leans backwards and brings her legs forward, while the man leans backwards and holds himself with his arms. Then both partners during penetration should grind their pelvis in a circular motion or a back and forth motion.

"The Greyhound"

In the doggy sex position, the woman is in a crouching position on all fours with legs spread slightly while the man that is penetrating the receiver from behind either annually or vaginally with variations to the position by kneeling or keeping one leg up.

"The Horsewoman"

This is a variation on the reverse cowgirl sex position in which the man lies on his back and the woman sits on top facing away from him, with the mans legs in-between the woman's legs, the woman can lean farther forward while stimulating clitoris.

"The Ladder"

The man lays on top of the woman with her legs open for penetration. Once penetration has been achieved both partners should straighten their legs so that they are in a perfect alignment. The man can then start the stimulation by rubbing his body laterally and horizontally against his partner.

"The Prayer"

In this oral sex position the woman is standing while her partner kneels before her and while facing him the man performs cunnilingus.

"The Stars"

The man is lying down and the woman sits on top of him, facing his feet. After he penetrates her, she leans backwards progressively until her back touches his torso. 

"The Throne"

The woman sits on her partner, than man is seated with his legs outstretched. The women can then lean forward placing one hand on her partner's knee and massage her clitoris with the other hand while moving up and down. The man can lift her buttocks or thighs to accompany her up and down movements.

"The Toga"

In this sexual position the woman is lying flat on her back on a surface where the man while on his knees is parallel for penetration. The man then takes the woman legs and places both of them on one side of his shoulder while penetrating.


This exhibition was on show at the Chambéry Modern Art Museum in France, from 15th November 2006 to 30th May 2006.
Each of the postures corresponds to a human sexuality position as described by the Kama Sutra.


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