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Better sex

Kama Sutra: Sexuality and Love

Kama Sutra: The Art of Love Making

The Kama Sutra is probably the best known love manual that offers a variety of sexual intercourse positions. The Kama Sutra was written in Sanskrit by a man named Vatsyayana, the Kama Sutra comes from the words Kama meaning desire and Sutra meaning rules.

Adapted from a long history of rich oral tradition, the Kama Sutra was translated by an intrepid adventurer, the Englishman Sir Richard Burton, for the benefit of the English-speaking world.

The Kama Sutra contains about one thousand two hundred and fifty slokas which are verses discussing the spiritual aspects of sexuality. Kama Sutra also presents many sexual positions and techniques for enhancing the enjoyment of sex. It includes detailed sexual techniques in the art of seduction, courting, gift giving, kissing, preparation, the use of aphrodisiacs, and the moral and ethical attitudes during marriage.

The ancient Hindus believed that life had three specific purposes: religious piety (Dharma), material success (Artha), and sexual pleasure (Kama). All three were equal, and the erotic was celebrated as part of an earthly beauty.

The Kama Sutra is not to be used merely as an instrument for satisfying our desires nor just a sexual positions guide; but also for obtaining the mastery over our senses and attaining higher levels of sexual consciousness.

Kama Sutra Positions

Here are some of the most well known Kama Sutra sex positions, which are mainly named after animals and nature, which show man's relationship with the nature. As you will notice, the sexual organ of the man is called lingam, while the woman's is called yoni.


Kama Sutra Sex Position #1:The Missionary Position.

It is the most common sexual position where the woman lies on her back and the man puts himself between her legs to penetrate her. A few cushions placed under the woman's buttocks change the penetration angle and can allow a deeper penetration.

Kama Sutra Sex Position #2:The Bee.

The woman sits on the lingam of her partner facing the opposite direction with her feet drawn up, while the man is seated with his legs outstretched. She can then revolve her hips so that her partner's lingam circles deep within her yoni. The man can then lift her buttocks or thighs to go along with her movements.

Kama Sutra Sex Position #3:The Monkey.

The man lies on his back, with his legs straight up. The woman sits on top of his thighs, using his feet as backrest. He then lifts her with his feet, to start up and down motion for stimulation. The woman then adds to this stimulation by grinding her pelvis in a lateral or circular motion.

Kama Sutra Sex Position #4:The Lotus.

The woman lies on her back as the man while facing her fastens her ankles around his neck. She grips her toes as she presents her well-opened yoni to her partner.

Kama Sutra Sex Position #5:The Deer.

The woman goes on all fours and straightens her back. The man kneels down and penetrates her yoni from behind.

Kama Sutra Sex Position #6:The Tortoise.

The woman lies on top of the man with her legs open enough which allows his partner's lingam to slide inside her yoni. Once they position themselves, they both straighten their legs rubbing their bodies laterally and horizontally against each other.

Kama Sutra Sex Position #7:The Cat.

The woman lies on her back while the man penetrates to make love then both partners then rock slowly from side to side.

Kama Sutra Sex Position #8:The Elephant.

The woman lies down so that the man can enter her from behind. She can leave her legs open for easier penetration, or tighten her thighs to firmly squeeze her partner's lingam in her yoni either way is effective.

Kama Sutra Sex Position #9:The Swing.

The man lies down on his back while the woman turns her back on him and crouches down on his lingam with her legs on either side of her partner's hips.

Kama Sutra Sex Position #10:The Dog.

The classic sex position also known as "doggy style" is when the woman is on all fours. The man, kneeling, grips her waist and penetrates her from behind.

Kama Sutra Sex Position #11:The Wheel.

The man and woman starts in the classic missionary sex position. The man rotates slowly on his partner with his lingam.

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