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There are so many different ways to masturbate

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B sexy
Always keep a subway map with you. You will need it frequently
Learn general restraunt lingo, phrases like, "i would like", "check please", and "how much"
Shopping off the beaten path will prove great finds and great people

Did you know?
Did you know that to masturbate is a great way to relieve menstrual cramps?


Myths & Misconceptions of vibrators & sex aids:

  • using sexual devices in a relationship indicates the relationship has problems

  • if you use vibrators/sex toys you will become reliant on them

  • the use of sexual devices will be a substitute for sexual relationships

  • heterosexuals in a relationships do not use sex aids

  • using vibrators / sex toys during sexual lovemaking is unnatural

  • using a vibrator / sex toy means you are a sexual pervert


Many couples enjoy the addition of vibrators / sex toys in a healthy relationship, sex toys / vibrators are designed to increase sexual pleasure and stimulate orgasms as part of intimate sexual activity. They can be used on other parts of the body beyond the genital area. Although not everyone accepts the use of vibrators and sex toys, today sex enhancement devices are common lovemaking accessories used by both men and women, additionally sex toys / vibrators may be a valuable resource for sexual problems & difficulties. Many women use vibrators / sex toys privately for their personal masturbation pleasure - Can You image the orgasm possibilities of including your partner in the fun



Where to Start

If you're new to the vibrator/sex toy experience, experiment on your own, through masturbation to learn what you like - get comfortable with yourself, masturbate by yourself privately to learn what stimulation you like the best i.e clitoral, vaginal, g-spot .


Studies have shown, women have a easier time achieving orgasm with direct clitoral stimulation. Most vibrators are specifically designed for the clitoris, yet there are many options beyond that; penis shaped vibrators that you can insert vaginally, smaller discreet vibrators to directly apply to your clitoris, or a dual vibrator that simultaneously stimulates your vagina and clitoris, anal vibrators, etc. .


Many women have found that once they learn what stimulates them to orgasm with a vibrator they find it easier to then apply that to their partnered relationship.


Sex toys/vibrators are not meant to replace a partner, for they can be used expand and enrich your sex life. A vibrator is a great enhancers to stimulate him or her and enliven sexual intercourse for both you and your partner.

Some partners may be intimidated and concerned that masturbating with a vibrator solo, without your partner being involved gets interpreted in their mind that you didn't need them sexually anymore. While some women may even equate it to cheating on their partners. .Wrong!


Bring up the subject of vibrators / sex toy may difficult.

Many people find bringing up the idea of a vibrator intimidating. Even couples that have wonderful communication skills find it difficult to discuss sex. As an idea during your next sexual encounter mention in a soft voice how you have fantasized about them using a vibrator for added stimulation with them, together.


Perhaps over a glass of wine bring up the subject of vibrators or begin exploring online the world of sex toys together one evening.

If you feel comfortable with your partner as someone whom you can just surprise them one evening with a vibrator, then 'just do it'. If you're concerned about your partners reaction to introducing a vibrator, get your partner involved in the vibrator shopping process, go shopping together for a vibrator.


Discussing your sexual desires together can only bring you more sexual satisfaction and deepen your relationship as a whole. Adding a vibrator to your sexual repertoire can bring you both to a new level of intimacy together.

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