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oral sex

Cunnilingus Oral sex techniques for the best orgasm
Oral sex is an enjoyable sexual experience. Developing and understanding the emotions and the intimacy that occurs during oral sex and during a climax can bring both partners closer. Oral sex can leave both partners physically satisfied as well as emotionally satisfied. Read More >>



Cunnilingus Fellatio Tips
Performing good fellatio is an easy task, with communication and the right stimulation, performing great fellatio can be easy. Read More >>



blow job How to give your man the best blow job
Most men think that all women are born knowing how to give a good blow job. This is actually far from true; many women aren't sure how to give a good blow job. Read More >>

Cunnilingus Different oral sex positions for a better orgasm
Finding a comfortable oral sex position is easy. The right oral sex position is the position in which you and you partner feel fully comfortable performing either fellatio or cunnilingus or both at the same time. Read More >>



Additional Resources


Cunnilingus Cunnilingus
Learn the ABCs of oral sex on her
How to Perform Cunnilingus: Tips from the Experts Read More >>

About cunnilingus About cunnilingus
A complete guide to eating pussy



How to eat well: How to perform oral sex How to eat well: How to perform oral sex
How to perform oral sex with tips, techniques and oral sex position Read More >>

Cunnilingus the oral sex guide Cunnilingus the oral sex guide
Advice for performing cunnilingus well


Oral sex and sexual health Oral sex and sexual health
What is cunnilingus? Techniques to better cunnilingus


Fellatio Fellatio
About fellatio: A complete guide to sucking dick Read More >>



Oral sex on the Male Oral sex on the Male
Male Oral sex with illustration of the male anatomy Read More >>

Male oral sexMale oral sex
Lessons on how to perform oral sex on a man Read More >>


The history of oral sexThe history of oral sex
The history of oral sex with extensive guide and tips Read More >>

Giving a man oral sex Giving a man oral sex
Giving a great blow job is easy, not to mention sexy and fun for both giver and receiver. Fellatio is a versatile sex act, too?you can do it almost anywhere! Read More >>

Going down for oral sex Going down for oral sex
Going down on a woman made easy, to make her have unbelievable orgasm Read More >>


Male Oral Sex Male Oral Sex
Fellatio, Giving Head, Giving a Blow Job, Giving oral sex to a man Read More >>


Oral sex tips and techniques Oral sex tips and techniques
If you think there is only one way of giving oral sex then you are both missing out Read More >>

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