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Studies have shown that even those who aren't yet using products to enhance their sex lives are at least keen on doing so. Accordingly, 16% of Americans are open to trying vibrators, 23% would like to try an orgasm increasing gel, and 11% have considered aphrodisiacs or pheromones. Interestingly enough, 45% of Americans believe it is acceptable to sell products aimed at improving sex lives to be sold in mainstream stores.

There are many couples toys available on the market for couple's individual tastes. Listing all of the toys for couples available is a bit more comprehensive than this guide is intended to be; however, some of the more basic couple toys are listed below.

Bedroom Games for Couples

Bedroom games are a great way to start out small and introduce variety into your sex life. There are a variety of bedroom games that range from just furry dice to intricate board games designed to arouse your sexual awareness. These types of foreplay games are great for getting into the mood for sex - no matter what kind you're after, be it passionate, raw, intimate, or just plain kinky.

Couples Toys: Sex with Toys

These include toys like the cock ring, the strap on clitoral vibrator, anal vibrators, and the prostate massager.

The Penis Ring

This particular toy is relatively inexpensive and combines pleasure for both the man and woman in a physical way. The penis ring is worn around the base of the penis and restricts the blood flow to the penis so that he can experience a longer erection which is great for those who may have erection problems. As most men achieve orgasm through penetration, this toy provides him the opportunity to continue penetration while also providing his partner pleasure. As most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal penetration, this toy is ideal in that respect. Keep in mind, no matter how big the penis is, it is impossible to stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously.

The Strap-On Clitoral Vibrator

This is a small, compact vibrator that is held gently in place over the clitoris. It uses soft straps that go around the leg and can be a great addition to your sex play - especially for quickies. As an additional bonus, a strap-on clitoral vibrator will allow him to focus on penetration and allow her to focus on all the incredible sensations flowing through her body.

The Anal Vibrator

Anal vibrators are great because it can be used for either female or male anal stimulation. Very often the idea is that these types of toys are only used for female stimulation when the reality is that there are products on the market that cater to men, as well. While some men may be uncomfortable with the idea of stimulating their prostates, it's good to know that doing so is fantastic for your sex life. The prostate can enhance and intensify the male orgasm, prolong erection and performance, and provide a different level of intimacy within the sexual relationship.

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Fun Facts

We should consider using products that enhance our sex lives. In the Global Durex Survey 2/3rds of people don't use products to enhance their sex lives but half would like to.

Did you know?

More than a third of Americans (34%) use vibrators and more than half (54%) use lubricants as part of their sex lives.

Prostate Massager

As with the anal vibrator, this toy provides a great opportunity to focus on HIM. It works similar to a G-spot vibrator for women, fitting perfectly in the anus to hit the prostate gland and stimulate it.

Fantasy/Bondage Toys

When most people think of bondage they think of hardcore whips and chains, followed by some serious S&M. The truth is bedroom bondage and fantasy can range in its intensity from beginners to the more experienced. Beginners may find that furry handcuffs, silk blindfolds, and soft ticklers are more their style while the more advanced may enjoy the whips and chains. Those in between the two extremes may find that a naughty swing or role-playing game may be just what they need. Whatever you decide, just make sure it is an experience that you can both enjoy together.

Bath and Sensual Massage Products

From bubble baths to sensual night lights, couples can find toys and items to enhance their relaxation and really get them in the 'mood'. What could be better than a hot, sensual massage? How about your partner licking the oil from your body? Turn the relaxing into the sensual and erotic with massage oils and lotions as well as other bath products to enhance your evening. What's great about these products is that they focus on touch and intimacy, two areas often overlooked in foreplay.

Use Them Together for the Best Results

From the list above, you can see there are many options when it comes to couples using sex toys together, and being creative can reward you and your partner many times over. Through methods of foreplay, positional guides, games for intimacy, and toys for spice a couple can explore every facet of their sexuality and discover tantalizing new ways to please their partners. Above all, using sex toys introduce fresh ways to keep things in the bedroom exciting and hot!

However, it's important to remember the true benefit of sex toys: they are meant to enhance every level of your relationship, not just the sexual aspects - although those are the most immediate results. When couples use sex toys together they are building a level of trust and intimacy with one another that very often carries over into other aspects of their lives. When they learn more about each other's likes and dislikes sexually, it opens new avenues to other areas that a couple may be able to experience together, i.e. discovering that you both enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, or base jumping. Opening the door to conversation in the bedroom opens the door to much more than just sex.

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