How to Eat A Girl Out: Cunnilingus Techniques For An Orgasm

Cunnilingus Techniques: The Tongue Thrust

Give her a little tongue intercourse for a change of pace. As many of her nerve endings are at the entrance to the vagina, your tongue is going to make a big impression. You can twist and turn until your heart is content, and what is so fun about this oral sex technique is that the tongue can bend and move in ways the penis can't. Just remember to keep using those hands to roam other parts of her body.

Cunnilingus Techniques: Two Birds, One Tongue

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Cunnilingus Tips

At times natural lubrication is just not enough; why not try a flavored lube to add some spice when you eat a girl out.
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Did you know?

It’s a fact that the clitoris contains the most never endings than in any part of the female anatomy, when learning how to eat a girl out pay close attention to the female genitals for added stimulation and pleasure.

Another fun oral sex technique is to build a nice rhythm with your mouth and fingers that captures both the clitoris and the g-spot. Insert two fingers into her vaginal opening while licking her clitoris. Curl your fingers upwards toward your tongue and as your tongue licks up, pull your fingers down. Reverse the motions and build a rhythm. This will have her bucking in no time.

Cunnilingus Techniques: Labial Hold

This next oral sex technique is something called the labial hold. This will probably work best with you laying perpendicular to her, but can be done in any oral position you prefer. Take one side of her outer and inner lips into your mouth and hold them together with your lips. Run your tongue between the outer and inner lips a few times and then switch sides. This will send delicious chills down her spine! It will also make for an interesting change of pace because odds are, any of her last boyfriends that went down on her did not think to use all parts of her vulva to his advantage. Lucky you!

Cunnilingus Techniques: Clitoral Lollipop, Part Deux

To keep the last technique going, continue to gently suck on the clitoris while simultaneously flicking your tongue over and around it. This can be a very light flick, or more aggressive, depending on how long you have been performing. If you want to produce a pretty intense orgasm, then combine this technique with some fingering. For an even more powerful orgasm, use a mini vibrator instead of your fingers because the vibrations will send even more pleasure coursing through her entire body. Now don’t let this come as a blow to your libido. Unless you can make your tongue vibrate, it’s not your fault that you can’t do this without a tool. (Note: Read on for more on how to make your tongue vibrate!)

Cunnilingus Techniques: Tongue Tube

The next cunnilingus technique is called the tongue tube. This works best in an inverted or 69 position. Roll your tongue into a tube around her clitoris and slide it back and forth. This will stimulate a feeling akin to a vagina around your penis, so you know how good this feels. It will likely take her over the edge for an explosive orgasm if it is done properly, so take some extra time to really practice this one.

Cunnilingus Techniques: The Grand Finale

The last cunnilingus technique that I will share with you is a rather tricky one and requires good hand-tongue coordination. You will likely have to practice this technique more than a few times before you perfect it, but I can promise you that your effort will be worthwhile. This technique leads to the mother of all orgasms, so the practice will be well worth it.

Take your right thumb and hold back any skin that may be covering the left side of her clit. Take your left thumb and hold back any skin on the right side. While maintaining your grip, gently move your thumbs in opposite directions, i.e. if the left thumb goes up, then the right thumb goes down. Upon review of your work at this point, you should see that you are twisting her clitoris in small circles.

Now that you have the thumb work down, let's move on to the tongue work. Use only the tip of your tongue and slowly circle the clitoris, flicking the top every once in awhile. Be sure to keep your tongue properly lubricated throughout this. Keep moving your thumbs and your tongue; this is very important! As you continue, start flicking the top of the clit more frequently. This is going to drive her mad, so watch out for the bucking hips and make sure you keep your grip around her clit.

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At this point, she is going to be ready to cum, but you’re not going to let her. I know, I know. You think that defeats the entire purpose of this technique, right? Wrong. Even if her orgasm is your ultimate goal, there is no need to pounce on the goal. Think of the phrase “good things come to those who wait.” The longer you make her wait, the more intense her orgasm will be.

With that said, let’s continue. Keep your grip on the skin at the sides of her clit, but stop moving your thumbs. Slow down the movement of your tongue for a few moments. After a few seconds, start the cycle again. When she gets worked up again, slow down and stop using your thumbs. Once this cycle comes to an end, her body will not be able to take any more and will reach her orgasm naturally.

If you get her to this point and your tongue works in accordance with her body, then you will have hit the holy grail of orgasms, also known as multiple orgasms. Most women have an average of three, but some will have them in excess of five. She may not have ever reached this point before, in which case you have just given her the most intense sexual experience of her life. Nice job! You have just been elevated to the status of sex god!

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