Spice Up Sex Life: Cunnilingus Tips & Techniques Using Sex toys

With so much room for creativity and so many cunnilingus techniques to choose from, I can't imagine why cunnilingus would get boring for you. But, it can become routine and that is the last thing you want. You don't have to resort to cunnilingus toys or props every time that you go down on your lady friend, but it never hurts to use these things every once in a while. So, here are some cunnilingus tips to keep it fresh and interesting to spice up your sex life.

Cunnilingus Techniques: Cunnilingus Playground

1.Cunnilingus Techniques: Cunnilingus vibrator stimulation

First of all, sex toys are your friends! A vibrator will bring your girlfriend so much joy that you should not live without one. Some of the best vibrating objects to use for cunnilingus are the bullet and the egg. They each have their benefits and drawbacks, but they both make an exciting addition to your oral fun. Bullets and eggs are designed for a number of things. Most commonly, they go inside of a woman’s vaginal cavity while you let your tongue do the hard work. However, you can also run the bullet or egg over her vulva or press it against her clitoris while you simultaneously give her oral. In any case, the added vibrations of eggs and bullets will spice up any cunnilingus session. The best part is that these toys come with wires attached so you don’t have to worry about anything getting lost.

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Cunnilingus Tips

When learning how to eat a girl out try using a tongue vibe for additional stimulation to assure that her clitoris gets some attention

Adding a toy into your bedroom fun can be quite enjoyable for you both.

Did you know?

Aphrodisiacs are foods or drinks that will improve sexual desire to make sex more pleasurable!

2.Cunnilingus Techniques: Dildo for cunnilingus play

Also consider the use of dildos in your oral play. Vibrators are meant more for the vulva, while dildos are meant more for insertion. You can use a dildo for insertion or for the vulva, but I suggest that you use it to give you a variety of choices. Just keep in mind that when shopping for such toys, it is probably best to take you girlfriend with you. There is nothing worse then presenting a toy that she finds revolting, unacceptable, or just plain silly. (You will understand the just plain silly category when you begin seeing vibrating dolphins and other sea mammals.)

3.Cunnilingus Techniques: Tongue piercing for clitoral stimulation

If you have your tongue pierced, then I recommend bypassing the dildos and vibrators all together and investing in a <strong>tongue vibrator</strong>, instead. (Note: Didn&rsquo;t I tell you we would talk about vibrating tongues a bit later?) Even if your tongue is not pierced, you can find a vibrating device that attaches to your tongue with a rubber band at your local sex shop. This is one of the best tools to have in your arsenal and all you have to do is turn it on and do what you do best. You do want to be careful with these vibrating tongue devices, though, because like any other tongue ring, the band can come loose and slip off. It would suck, and not in a good way, if that happened to you during cunnilingus. Try to make sure that you get the tightest band for your tongue, but make sure it isn't so tight that it hurts you.

Cunnilingus Tips: Incredible, Edible Buffet

There are some foods that can be used to heighten your cunnilingus fun, as well. One of the best and most favored items is ice. A woman's vagina is naturally hot and when that is accompanied by the fact that she is on fire because of your voraciousness, the cool contrast of ice makes for a great sensation. You can put it in your mouth and cool off your tongue, then run it over her, or you could hold the ice between your teeth and tease her outer and inner lips.

1.Cunnilingus Tips: Ice

Make sure the piece of ice you use is not completely frozen, or that you have sucked on it enough to the point it is beginning to melt. If you use a completely frozen piece of ice, it will stick to her much like the dumb asses whose tongues get stuck to frozen poles. She will quite literally make the comparison, and you will NOT be considered a sex god if this happens.

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2.Cunnilingus Tips: Mints

Mints can provide a wonderful chilling sensation without the risk of sticking to her. Having a mint in your mouth as you perform cunnilingus on your woman will do two things. Number one, it will provide a cooling sensation over all of the areas that your tongue reaches, which should be everywhere. Number two, it gives a little bit of a tingling feeling, which when applied to a sensitive organ is going to produce some pretty hot results. Just make sure that you don't pick a mint that is too strong or it will burn her and that is not pleasant!

3.Cunnilingus Tips: Flavored Lubricants

Flavored lubricants can be a lot of fun and very helpful, too. These are especially handy for quickies and late night excursions. But, if you need it, then why not make it more fun by making it edible. I hear that some of the best flavors are the chocolate truffle and the strawberry cream.

4.Cunnilingus Tips: Ice Cream

One of the more pleasurable things to eat in the world is an ice cream sundae, so why not combine that with your cunnilingus? Make a sundae dessert on her vulva and dig in! Lick and lap until you've wiped her completely clean and watch as she enjoys every minute of it!

5.Cunnilingus Tips: Champagne

I am not much for the taste of champagne, but I can attest to the feeling of it being poured on my vagina. You really can use any liquor you desire for this, but I personally think champagne works best. It creates a great fizzing sensation along the vulva as the bubbles scatter that when coupled with gentle sucks sends the hips thrusting and the gasps coming. She will think you are phenomenal at this and all you've done is pour some liquor on her and lick it off.

I think you get the idea in terms of oral sex aids. Be sure to use common sense with anything that you use. There are plenty of foods and toys to make your job more fun and pleasurable for the both of you, but don't use things that will ruin the experience. It goes without saying that sharp objects, teeth, and anything that will hurt her are a big no-no. Stick to things that you wouldn't object having around your family jewels and you should be fine.


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