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How to give a good blow job

How to give your man the best blow job

Most men think that all women are born knowing how to give a good blow job. This is actually far from true; many women aren't sure how to give a good blow job. For instance some women believe that biting the penis feels good but most men will tell you otherwise. Most men don't like the feeling of teeth on their penis. Teeth can create discomfort and can possibly tear the skin if you are not careful.

To minimize any discomfort from teeth try tucking your lips over your teeth before giving a blow job. To practice this technique, try placing your lips together with your teeth apart. Then open your lips slowly and keep your teeth apart and that should work perfectly.

Another aspect of giving a good blow job is lubrication. Most people tend to use their own saliva as lubrication. When practicing safe sex and your using a condom for fellatio, try an un-lubricated brand because lubricated brands most of the times have a bad taste. If you prefer to use lubricant during the blowjob, its best to purchase flavored lubricant to make the condom tasty or you can use it just to add flavor to the blow job.

What many people don't realize is that to assure the best quality of your sexual experiences, communication is very important. You should always remember good oral sex starts off with good communication. If you want to give a good blow job, finding out what your partner likes is essential for a blow job. So it's best to ask your partner after giving him a blow job what he most enjoyed. There is no secret to giving a good blow job; it has a lot to do with your partner's preference when he is receiving a blow job.

Both man and woman need to get associated with the others emotional needs to better the sexual experience when giving a blow job. Understanding the intimate and emotional feelings while giving a blow job will draw you closer to your partner. Giving a blow job is a very intimate sexual experience.

Giving a blow job is more intimate than what is perceived. A blow job isn't just about reaching an orgasm; it's about sharing that orgasm with your partner. Men enjoy a good blow job because of the intimacy involved. Most men state that a blow job makes them feel as though they are being drawn into their partner bringing them closer together sexually.

Learning how to give a good blow job can be very fun and easy. Giving a blow job is a fellatio technique that when mastered will have your partner begging for more.

Here are some fellatio techniques that will help you give a good blow job:

How to give a blow job: Fellatio oral sex techniques

• Be Safe . A blow job can be fun and exciting but you should remember to be safe. If you decide to use a condom make sure to apply the condom first before continuing. You can try a variety of flavored condoms if you don't like the taste of latex.

• Blow job position . Finding an oral sex position is based on preference and how comfortable the oral sex position is for sustaining a blow job. Giving a blow job can cause a sore neck if not performed correctly. Find an oral sex position that works best for you and your partner.

• Mouth Technique . If you're dealing with a soft penis this is a good place to start. You don't always have to wait until the penis is erect to put it in your mouth. You can put the entire penis in your mouth, while kissing it, licking it and/or sucking it. You can feel the penis begin to grow while it is in your mouth. You don't have to start going up and down on the penis with your mouth until the penis is at least partially erect. Then once it is erect slide your lips gently over your teeth and then onto the penis. This allows barely any friction on the penis allowing a good blow job.

•  Mouth and tongue blow job technique. Mouth and tongue blow job technique. Try licking the head of the penis, and then use your tongue to lick up and down the sides of the penis. This will make the blow job easier by making the erection wet enough to slide the penis into your mouth easily. Don't forget to cover your teeth with your lips, and slide the head of the penis into your mouth. Once you've done this use your tongue to lick the sensitive areas underneath the ridge of the head and the penis.

• Mouth and hands blow job technique. Using the hands while giving a blow job can be very useful by adding a variety of oral sex techniques .

•  Hand and blow job technique #1 . Place one hand at the base by grabbing (not too hard) the penis which will help keep the penis erect and in position. It can also keep the foreskin of an uncircumcised man out of the way.

•  Hand and blow job technique #2 . While grabbing the penis at the base place your mouth on the penis and follow the movement of your mouth up with your hands. Also by alternating mouth strokes and hand strokes it can become sort of a hand job and a blow job. This technique is great for those who gag easily because the hand will regulate how much of the penis will be in your mouth.

•  Hand and blow job technique #3. Playing with his balls is a technique that can be very enjoyable. Be very careful when playing with his balls, try to be very gentle. You can even play with the balls in your mouth instead of just licking or stroking.

•  Hand and blow job technique #4 . Don't limit yourself the hands can be very useful outside. Use your hands to explore the male sexual anatomy. Use your hands to explore his thighs, stomach, balls, ass, perineum or any other place that will stimulate him.

• Deep throat blow job technique . This is not an easy blow job technique which requires you to take the entire penis into the mouth. The key to learning how to deep throat is to relax the jaw and the throat muscles to stop the gag reflex.

• Toys for fun. Adding sex toys can be a fun experiment. Try experimenting with adult toys such as cock-rings, butt-plugs, or small vibrators. One technique is to hold a vibrator against the cheek which adds vibrations to your mouth while giving a blow job.

• Finishing the blow job. Swallowing is all about preference, it is solely based on choice whether you want to swallow or not. The quantity and taste of your partner's ejaculate is based on his health, habit and diet. On average the most ejaculate a man produces is about teaspoonful or so. If you prefer to not swallow let your partner know so that he can signal you when he is about to reach orgasm


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