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G spot

About the G-Spot and Stimulation About the G-Spot and Stimulation
Article about finding and stimulating the G-spot to cause an orgasmic reaction in the female. Read More >>

The G Zone The G Zone
Information and studies about Grafenberg Spot. The Human Female Prostate and Its Relationship to the Popularized term G-Spot. Read More >>

Getting Started With G-Spot Stimulation Getting Started With G-Spot Stimulation
G spot stimulation and the Anatomical Musings on Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot Read More >>

About G Spot About G Spot
Information on a spot inside the vagina that is sensitive to deep pressure and can cause orgasms.Read More >>

The Gräfenberg Spot The Gräfenberg Spot
A paper on the existence, location, and significance of the Gräfenberg spot (G-spot) in sexual function, with relevant links. Read More >>

About My G-Spot About My G-Spot
Article from female's perspective on the G Spot and techniques to achieve better orgasms. Read More >>

Hunting the Elusive G-Spot Hunting the Elusive G-Spot
The simple answer is yes, the G-Spot does exist, but there's nothing mysterious about it. It's simply an area of increased sensitivity that many women like to have stimulated. Read More >>

Christians on the G-Spot Christians on the G-Spot
The G-Spot & Female Ejaculation with the excitement of giving pleasure . Read More >>

Christians on the G-Spot G Spot and Pleasure

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