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female anatomy

Vagina SizeFemale Sexual Anatomy -
The female genitalia is frequently compared to a flower . to find all the right spots, you have to be able to look at her genitalia as a series of petals that all need attention. Only then will you be able to help her - or yourself - flourish and bloom. Read More >>

Other Resources

Vagina Size Vagina Size
The Vagina Institute has been conducting and researching vulva-vaginal size and overall female genital dimensions since 1995. This is the core foundation of the Vagina Institute; the information presented within this site is a global study. Women of al ethnicities, heights, ages and more have been taken into account. Read More >>


The sexual anatomy of a womanThe sexual anatomy of a woman
Learn about the female internal and external sexual anatomy. Read More >>

The female sexual organs The female sexual organs
Female sexual organs are both inside and outside your body. The internal organs include the vagina, the uterus, the fallopian tubes and the ovaries. The clitoris, mons pubis, labium majora and minora, and the vaginal opening are outside, and as a group are called the vulva. Read More >>


Female Sexual Anatomy Female Sexual Anatomy
Explores the female sexual anatomy with a series of guides and advice features to help all men and women learn more about sex. Read More >>

Clitical female sexual anatomy Clitical female sexual anatomy
Explore the female anatomy through illustrations and close up photos.Read More >>

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