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Best sex positions for achieving the female orgasm

Orgasm position for better sex

Test out different sex positions for sexual stimulation. Some women orgasm more frequently in certain sexual positions where she can control her motions and the intensity of the stimulation. For many women the most effective sexual position is "woman on top" because of the vaginal and clitoral stimulation, but the most effective doesn't work for everyone so a sexual positions that you feel gives the most pleasure is the one most suitable.

Is the position in which you masturbate different from your usual position during sexual intercourse? Are your feet usually separated or compressed?

If you learned to reach orgasm through masturbation in a specific position, this position can prove to be steady way to orgasm. You can gravitate to this position using it during sexual intercourse so that you can obtain an orgasm from this position. You can also try so to change your usual position while you're having sex so that you would resemble the position in which you masturbate.

Some sexual positions ensure the best stimulation of clitoris as a result either from pressure of the pubic region of the partner on the entire region of clitoris or twitching of the hood of clitoris during sex.

Dual Stimulation through female orgasm positions

Dual stimulation can ensure direct stimulation of the clitoris, which is necessary for some woman to achieve orgasm while having sex. Dual stimulation can be achieved through one of these sex positions: "lateral", "woman on top", or "doggy style". These sexual positions described will assure that the woman and her partner can easily stimulate the clitoris by hand. This additional stimulation can prove to be the missing step, which will lead a woman to an orgasm. This approach, where others did not succeed, has great chances for success.

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