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Female Desire for orgasm

At times the importance of an orgasm and a women's 'desire' to achieve an orgasm can be so overwhelming that all other sensual pleasures from sexual relations are left unnoticed.
The female desire for an orgasm can be so powerful that if a woman does not have an orgasm she may begin to doubt her value as a woman. However for her to only focus on achieving an orgasm as an indicator of success or failure of sex, is to negate all other positive sensations connected with the sexual contact.

The more anxious a women is about the possibility of not achieving a orgasm, the more one she fears having any feeling of joys from sexual contact.
Specifically, anxiety impedes the possibility of orgasm!

The ease of reaching an orgasm as well as the intensity of the orgasm varies widely in different women. Every woman is an individual and her orgasms differs from one to the other.

Some women never experienced orgasm, i.e. 18% never achieve orgasm in their life, at the other end of the scale, are woman whose orgasmic "threshold" is so low that the slightest of stimulation, such as simply fantasizing about a sexual themes ie enough to achieve an orgasm.

And then some women are not at all sure they did experience orgasm sometimes in the life. Yet, most woman are capable of experiencing orgasm on their own with masturbation while others occasionally only with their partners.

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