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Clitoral stimulation for a female orgasm

Adequate clitoral stimulation

If a woman rarely experiences an orgasm, especially if with previous partners she did, the cause can be not enough physical methods of stimulation. A majority of the men don't prolong sexual stimulation foreplay which leads to sexual excitation and frustration. A man would have to prolong ejaculation for a long period of sexual stimulation for her orgasm to occur if foreplay is to short or nonexistent.


If during sexual intercourse there is no direct stimulation of the clitoris, which is not the most effective method of achieving an orgasm. Even very prolonged sexual intercourse can prove to be ineffective, since after a certain time the vagina ceases to secrete natural lubricant and become "dry".

With an adequate method of (clitoral) stimulation you will be capable of many orgasms, regardless of sexual intercourse for 5 min or even less. Without the adequate clitoral stimulation you most likely will not reach orgasm, showing the importance of clitoral sexual stimulation.



Methods for clitoral stimulation for achieving an orgasm through masturbation

The following recommendations will help you to orgasm during the sexual intercourse.

Understand that the more you are sexually excited prior to the beginning of actual sexual intercourse, the greater the probability of an orgasm. Attempt to prolong foreplay by allowing your partner to caress your entire body and especially the clitoris increases your desire while being sexually stimulated.

Many men persistently consider that the woman reached excitement if she is moist but wetness and vaginal lubrication needed for penetration should be separated from excitement. Moistening of the vagina occurs at the early stages of sexual turn on and it does not mean that the woman approached the maximum excitation leading towards orgasm.

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