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Achieving the female orgasm

How not to be disconnected from Orgasm

To achieve an orgasm there are factors that depend on the woman's ability to separate her self from orgasm impairment. Orgasm impediments such as fatigue, anxieties, and tension are some factors that may prevent a woman from reaching an orgasm. Including the physical and emotional comfort during sex can impair any orgasm.

The relationship that exists between partners can be a strong enhancement or a detriment for orgasms. If fears exist it can hamper achieving an orgasm because of the woman's emotional state. If a woman is feeling defensive or has hostility towards her partner her emotions can make it difficult for her to loosen up which will impede her ability to orgasm without her even realizing it.

For some women, however, the incapability to orgasm can cause a negative attitude towards sex in general and hinder her from obtaining any sexual happiness in life. Emotional obstacles detract from the enjoyment of sex making it impossible for a woman to be sexual.

Some women experience repeated failures in reaching a orgasm. This occurs, for example, with women who in all circumstances attempt to maintain self control above all else, including not yielding to emotions.

When the thought about the need to maintain control this develops an internal reaction that stops her orgasms. For instance a woman may believe if a she loses control with her orgasm and finds it to be unattractive or even ridiculous in the eyes of her partner, then that insecurity is now built up.

To set the mood all tension should be alleviated from your consciousness, although the sex itself can be one of the best methods of removing the tension. It is better, if everything occurs naturally, so that it's easier to reach orgasm. If sexual stimulation or orgasm does not occur, do not demolish yourselves just relax and open your consciousness freeing yourself of any anxiety or fears.

Frequently women worry about the pleasure of their partner that it begins to build up their anxiety, which manifests impatience with the delay of orgasm in the woman. This delay can lead to frustration as the woman feels sexually frustrated by not reaching the point of orgasmic sexual satisfaction.

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