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Top Ten Reasons Why Women Donít Orgasm
June 19, 2007

Given the peace, tranquility, and general happiness that orgasms can bring, it may be shocking to learn that many women have a difficult or even impossible time reaching this state of sexual bliss. It is important to understand that there is nothing physically wrong with women who cannot orgasm. On the contrary, most women can reach the peaks that they desire by overcoming these ten common reasons (in no particular order) why women donít orgasm;

1. Lack of Communication

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, communication is key. Unfortunately, only 22 percent of couples are willing to communicate their sexual needs to one another. This lack of communication can make it very difficult for a woman to verbalize what she needs in order to orgasm. By explaining her desires, a woman has a much higher success rate of reaching the orgasm that she craves.

2. High Pressure Levels

One of the most important things that a woman needs to have an orgasm is a clear mind. She should be able to focus on the pleasure that she feels, not the desired outcome of that pleasure. When a woman gets too caught up in worrying about whether or not she will have an orgasm, she can get distracted. This, in turn, makes it even harder for her to have an orgasm. By reducing the pressure level and enjoying sexual acts for what they are, women will be much more likely to relax and let go.

3. Lack of Clitoral Stimulation

Many women complain that they cannot reach orgasm through sex alone. There is a perfectly good reason for this. Most women require clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm. As long as clitoral play is added into sexual escapades, women will find orgasms much easier to achieve.

4. Not in the Mood

Unlike men, women need to be in the mood in order to get their juices flowing. If they engage in sex when they aren't ready, chances are that they will not be able to fully enjoy themselves. To avoid this, women should make sure to include a great deal of foreplay into their sexual lives. Even if they were not in the mood before, foreplay should change that rather quickly.

5. Lack of Personal Understanding

If a woman does not know what her body likes, it will be difficult for a man to discover her hidden needs. Through normal levels of masturbation, a woman should be able to learn exactly what she likes. Once she knows what she wants, it should be much easier to get what she wants in the long run, too.


together pleasure

6. Mental Insecurities

It's no secret that most women are insecure about some part of their bodies. When a woman focuses too much on those insecurities, she can become distracted and lose out on the moment. To avoid this, women should put behind their inhibitions and stop worrying about whether their thighs look fat or their legs are smooth. By shedding those insecurities, women will be able to focus on what is happening and how good it feels.

7. Lack of Mental Desire

For many women, what happens in the brain is as important as what happens to the body. If a woman does not feel a mental connection to her partner, it may be hard for her to relax enough to orgasm. For women who are affected by this phenomenon, it may be best to trade in one night stands for meaningful relationships. More often than not, that simple trade can make orgasms possible and inevitable.

8. Full Bladders

When a woman's g-spot is stimulated, her bladder is rattled into consciousness. This makes women feel like they have to urinate, which inadvertently distracts them and causes to clench their vaginal muscles together to prevent an accident. Unfortunately, this also makes it impossible for a woman to relax enough to have an orgasm. Women can avoid this problem by urinating before they engage in any sexual acts. It only takes a minute to use the bathroom and the result will be well worth the time.

9. Too Many Positions (more: 121 Lovemaking Positions)

It can be fun to vary positions during sex, but constant rhythmic shifts can make it very hard for a woman to have an orgasm. Once a woman builds up a rhythm that feels good, she should stick with it. This repetitive rhythm will make it much easier to have an orgasm because women won't have to restart their motors with every new twist and turn.

10. Lack of Time

Sometimes women can orgasm in a matter of moments, but other times it takes a substantial amount of time for an orgasm to occur. If a woman wants to have an orgasm, she should not give up until she does just that. It may take some time and effort, but that orgasm will eventual come.

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