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Female masturbation techniques

There are many female masturbation techniques with each masturbation technique influenced by a variety of factors and personal preferences. Female masturbation is one of the quickest ways to achieve orgasm. Prepare yourself to be sexually stimulated with these female masturbation techniques. Stimulation can occur from direct clitoral stimulation, finger play, indirect clitoral stimulation, water play and Adult sex toy play.



Mindset Female Masturbation Technique

Female masturbation technique #1: Fantasy Technique

Sit back, relax and just visualize what turns you on and let your fantasy enhance your masturbation experience and orgasm.


Clitoral Stimulation /Finger Play Female Masturbation Technique

Female masturbation technique #1: Rubbing circle

Try using two fingers that are placed directly on the clitoris then begin moving in a circular motion with varying speed and pressure so that you can achieve orgasm.

Female masturbation technique #2:Finger Penetration

Try vaginal penetration with variations in strokes and firmness while using the other hand to massage your clitoris or play with your nipples.


Female masturbation technique #3: Finger Rolling

For this technique place your thumb and your forefinger or your index finger around the clitoris and roll the clitoris between your fingers at whatever pace feels good.

Female masturbation technique #4: Finger Tapping

In this technique you should pull your vagina lips back exposing the clitoris and once the clitoris is exposed gently tap the clit with your index finger.

Indirect Clitoral Stimulation Female Masturbation Technique

Female masturbation technique #1: Pillow Ride

Try riding on a pillow where the end of the pillow is tied up in a hard knot and then press it against the clitoris.

Female masturbation technique #2: Stuffed Animal

Similar to the pillow ride you can place the stuffed animal in-between your thighs and place pressure on your clitoris.

Water Play Female Masturbation Technique

Female masturbation technique #1: Steady Shower Spray

During your shower just apply a steady stream of water to your vagina till it hits your clitoris.

Female masturbation technique #2: Shower Masturbation

Using the shower head apply the water straight to the clitoris while controlling from a steady stream to a pulsating spray. Use one hand for water control and the other to apply the water pressure

Female masturbation technique #3: Running Faucet

During a bath while lying on your back with your legs open, position yourself under the running faucet so the water flows onto your clitoris.

Female masturbation technique #4: Jacuzzi Fun

If you have access to a Jacuzzi you should take advantage of the flow of water from the jets. You should be careful though the jets can be very powerful, so you should start at a good distance and then move closer to the point where you feel comfortable. Position yourself to the point that the flow of water lands directly on your vagina and clitoris.



Adult Sex Toy Female Masturbation Technique

Female masturbation technique #1: Clitoris Rub

Vibrators are great because they give you the ultimate control over the speed of the vibrations. By applying pressure with the vibrator while rubbing your inner thighs, clitoris and vagina lips, this will stimulate to the point of orgasm.

Female masturbation technique #2: Direct Vibrator

Use a vibrator that is applied directly onto the clitoris for sexual stimulation.

Female masturbation technique #3: Toy penetration

Get a sex toy such as a dildo that you find suitable in size and then try vaginal penetration at your own tempo and depth to achieve orgasm.

Female masturbation technique #4: Dual Toys

Try using two adult toys such as a dildo for penetration and a vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Apply the vibrator to the clitoris while penetrating your vagina with the dildo.

Female masturbation technique #5: Anal Duo

With a lubricated dildo and insert it into the anus with one hand, and you can either rub your clit or use a vibrator directly on the clitoris with the other hand.


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