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Why should female masturbation be an ignored topic?

Some women may feel ashamed or even embarrassed to discuss masturbation.  Although female masturbation is positive topic to discuss as well as it is sexually healthy to masturbate.

Female masturbation allows a woman to feel self pleasure. Masturbation is not only a positive physical experience it is an emotional enhancing experience as well.

Masturbation can be a healthy way for a woman to achieve sexual self satisfaction. Female masturbation is an experience that gives sexual pleasure without dependency on a partner to help achieve an orgasm. Masturbation also helps women explore their sexuality and gives them an opportunity to explore their body while achieving sexual freedom.

   Masturbation is a sexual skill that many times is developed at a young age allowing a woman to be comfortable with her body and her response to sexual stimulation.

Throughout puberty a teen develops a mature sexual drive that may leave them sexual frustrated. Making masturbation a constructive means for addressing their newly acquired sex drives. Masturbation will also enhance a teens understanding of her body making her less likely to search for a sexual partner. Masturbation provides teens and young adults with alternatives to their sexual frustration or a need for sexual partners with a better understanding to their sexuality and their bodies.

   It is important for a woman to comprehend her own body and sexual stimulation because it can be ignored by their male or female counterpart. As highlighted in these orgasm statistics:

-  42% of women usually have orgasms during sex with their partner,

- 29% always have an orgasm during sex,

- 25% sometimes or rarely have orgasms

- 4% of women in America are never orgasmic with their partner. This may be simply due to the lack of women being in touch with their sexuality and their own bodies. Many societal sexual barriers can cause orgasm impairment hindering a woman from achieving sexual pleasure and orgasm.

   On the other hand many healthy normal women can only achieve orgasm through masturbation. To achieve orgasm through masturbation there is an ideal physical and mental state to best achieve the female orgasm. The mental state is just as important as the physical state due to the brain being the central control to sexual pleasure.

Besides the physical and the mental state, female masturbation techniques are also an important factor for achieving orgasm. There is no right or wrong female masturbation technique. Each woman masturbates differently and responds differently to masturbation techniques. Also each woman's sexual anatomy and psychological structure gives different responses to masturbating and orgasm. This shows that there is no basic female masturbation technique that will guarantee an orgasm.

   There are several female masturbation techniques that can be varied.

Masturbation techniques include rubbing or caressing the clitoris, with the index and/or middle fingers. Inserting one or several fingers into the vagina and rubbing the frontal wall of the vagina to stimulate the g-spot. An aid to masturbating is sex toys such as a vibrator or a dildo for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Another stimulating aid is by stimulating the breast and nipples and also anal stimulation because of the thousands of sensitive nerves.

Masturbation techniques vary and so do orgasms. A woman being comfortable with her body and her technique will allow her to reach orgasm fairly easily. A woman should experiment with different masturbation techniques to reach orgasms many other ways. One thing a woman should remember is that masturbation can be fun and enjoyable no matter which masturbation technique you choose

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