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Fellatio oral sex techniques

Fellatio tips

Fellatio is an oral sex technique that offers oral stimulation of the penis. Fellatio has many slang terms such as giving head, a blow job or sucking dick.

Performing good fellatio is an easy task, with communication and the right stimulation, performing great fellatio can be easy.

Communication is essential when performing fellatio because you don't want to be self conscious when giving a blowjob. Most woman are very self conscious about swallowing, so if you prefer not to swallow, you should ask your partner to signal when he is about to reach orgasm. Just remember to continue stimulating your partner through ejaculation. This will make the whole sexual experience more comforting through communicating each others needs and wants.

When performing fellatio most women tend to use there teeth. Most men don't like the feeling of teeth on their penis. Teeth can create discomfort and can possibly tear the skin if not careful. To minimize any discomfort from teeth try tucking your lips over your teeth before giving a blow job. To practice this technique, try placing your lips together with your teeth apart. Then open your lips slowly and keep your teeth apart and that should work perfectly. You should also practice safe sex by using a condom, which is highly recommended. Just adding flavored condoms can make fellatio even more interesting.

Lubrication is also important when performing great fellatio. Most women tend to use their own saliva for lubrication. But if you prefer to use lubrication you should use a water based lubricant such as KY Jelly.

Performing fellatio on your partner can be very satisfying. It's a fact that a majority of men enjoy fellatio because it simply just feels good. Similar to when making love, the woman feels as though she is drawing the man into her, closer and closer. For many men this is quite similar because he feels he is being drawn into his partner when fellatio is being performed on him.

You should always remember good oral sex begins with good communication. If you want to perform satisfying fellatio, finding out what your partner likes is essential for oral sex. So it's best to ask your partner after giving him fellatio what he most enjoyed. There is no secret to performing great fellatio; it has a lot to do with your partner preference when receiving oral sex.

To perform fellatio it's helpful to get familiar with the penis. Understanding the male sexual anatomy will help you to know what brings the most pleasure to your partner, by getting familiar with the most sensitive areas of the penis. Many women tend to concentrate solely on the penis when performing fellatio. Even though the penis does contain erectile tissue that is very sensitive, there are several other sensitive areas on the body.

There are several pleasurable areas around the man's sexual area that can be explored with your mouth and hands. Other pleasurable areas on the penis that can be licked by the tongue and caressed by the hands are the testes, the frenulum and the shaft of the penis.

Specific erogenous zones such as the perineum, the head of the penis, the center line down the testicles and the base of the shaft will drive your partner wild. Try stimulating these areas with your tongue and your mouth carefully massaging the perineum just before climax will give your partner a rush of pleasure. Another sensitive part of the penis is the frenulum which is the underside of the penis the area below the head of the penis.

Some men like to have a prostate massage during fellatio as well. You can give your partner a prostate massage by placing your finger into his anus with lubrication. Make sure that your fingernails are well groomed. Gently caress the perineum then caress the anus and massaging the exterior of the anus. Push your finger into the anus; slowly raise your finger until you feel a bulb like lump that is the prostate. Gently apply pressure to the prostate for sexual stimulation which with enough pressure can cause can immediate orgasm.

Here are fellatio oral sex techniques towards giving a good blow job:Perform fellatio oral sex techniques


Many of the best fellatio oral sex techniques involve the hands.. Since oral sex can be very tiring to the mouth alternating to hand movements can be beneficial because when the mouth tires the best tactic is switching back and forth. By grabbing the erect penis at the base and sliding the hand up and down while your mouth is placed on the penis can be an unbelievable fellatio technique. This fellatio technique is perfect for women that tend to gag for the hands will control the depth of the thrust when the penis is in your mouth.

Deep throat (getting over the gag reflex)

To "gag" is a throat reflex against choking; if you can control this reflex then you would be capable of a deep throat. To deep throat is to allow the entire penis into your mouth past your throat. When the penis hits the back of the throat most people normally gag.

The secret to this fellatio oral sex technique is to stop the reflex. Even better than interrupting the reflex is to allow your body to swallow, try swallowing which will open up your throat eliminating the reflex. This fellatio technique will feel very good to your partner as it encloses the penis in your mouth and throat. Most men enjoy this fellatio technique because he feels closer to his partner as his whole entire penis is being drawn into the mouth.


Swallowing is one aspect of fellatio that many men enjoy; he normally doesn't want his penis to leave her mouth until he ejaculates. Men prefer when a woman swallows because it helps them to feel closer to their partner as his whole entire penis is being drawn into the mouth and his fluids are swallowed.

It's true some woman don't enjoy swallowing because of the taste. Some women refer to ejaculation as tasting bad, but the taste solely depends on the guy's health, habits, diet and frequency of ejaculation. If you prefer to not swallow, you can receive the ejaculate in the mouth and once he orgasm, and then you can spit it out in the toilet, sink, towel, or napkin. If you prefer not to spit it out or swallow, then you should ask your partner for a signal when he is about to orgasm. This is why communicating is so important because it will keep both partner sexually happy.

There are fellatio oral sex technique were swallowing can be avoided, one fellatio technique has to do with not tasting the ejaculate at all. The reason most women taste the ejaculate is because it is held in the mouth before swallowing. Instead of letting the ejaculate settle, just begin swallowing immediately.

Another method if you don't have a gag reflex is to place tip of the penis to the back of the throat then allow the ejaculation to go straight down the throat without the taste. The swallowing-fast fellatio technique will eliminate the taste and bring pleasure to the guy.

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