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Better sex

Sex Positions for better Sex

Sex Positions that couples can enjoy
Sex is to be enjoyed; there is no right or wrong way to have sex with your partner. The pleasure you are both giving each other is to be enjoyed. That is the most important factor when comes to sharing an intimate moment. The complete reason we have sex is to experience pleasure with our partners, as long as both partners find the experience enjoyable.


One way to make sex more enjoyable would be to include different sex positions into the sexual experience.  There are many different sex positions for sexual intercourse. Even though there are many different sex positions, choosing a sex position is about preference and conformability.

Some people prefer sex positions that have them lying down, some prefer standing sex positions, and some others prefer sitting sex positions. Some men prefer sex positions that have them on top of his partner, some prefer underneath, and some prefer positions that give them the best orgasm. You need to discover what sex position works best for you and your partner, so that you both can achieve the best orgasm.

Sexual Intercourse Positions Guide

We will present to you the most well know sexual intercourse positions. Let us be you sex position guide as to what features make each sex position unique and fun and also the negative and the positive of each sex position. We are here to give you a positive outlook on sexual positions to enrich your sex life. One thing to try and remember is that when trying any new sexual position, the man should gradual insert his penis into his partner and should begin slowly until both partners have gotten comfortable with their bodies and the new sex position.

Missionary Sex Position
The missionary sex position is the most common position for intercourse within the western culture. The missionary position derived from Christian missionaries in the nineteenth century who considered it to be the only "proper" position for intercourse. These missionaries tried to convince foreigners to adopt this sex position claiming it was not "animalistic" like many other sexual positions.

Missionary sex position is when the man lies on top of the woman while both partners face each other. He gets between the woman's legs and penetrates with his penis while using his hands or elbows to hold up a portion of his weight and for motion in this position.

The man on top position (missionary position) can be pretty versatile in which you can alter into a variety of sex positions. Some people enjoy this sex position because they feel it is intimate as they can look into their partner's eyes.

If the woman positions herself just right, she can easily reach orgasm by the man's pubic bone rubbing against her clitoris. If the woman wants deeper penetration than what the missionary position typically offers, the man can raise the woman's legs and then pull her forward.

Woman on Top

Many couples prefer the woman on top sex position. A lot of many like this position because of the limited work that is necessary. Many women like this sex position because they can control how deep and how hard the penis can penetrate. By varying the positions of the body while on top that can cause changes in the angles of penetration, the woman can then frequently enjoy better stimulation of the clitoris by lying on top.

In this sex position the woman can kneel over her partner or squat over her partner thus changing the position. She can also face her partner or face away from her partner. A squatting position allows the woman to use her calves as well as her thigh muscles for motion and stimulation. This sex position is great if either partner wish to stimulate the woman's clitoris.

Laying on Your Side

This sex position is best for a woman who likes to masturbate during intercourse. It leaves her vaginal area fully open to be touched. Many women find this to be the easiest position to use a vibrator when being penetrated from behind when both partners are on their sides.

Some couples find that more body to body contact occurs while spooning on their sides, allowing them to feel more connected with their partner. A lot of men also find they can last longer in this position the strokes aren't as strong. It is not possible to easily enjoy a long stroke, but a deep stroke works quite well.

This is an excellent sex position for intercourse when the woman is in her last few months of pregnancy, as long as you are careful and don't go too deep.

Experiment a little with this sex position, try it with the woman's upper leg up or down. Try penetrating in slightly different angles. You can find that there are many different sensations using this sex position.

Standing up Sex Position

In the standing position one easy way is to have the woman bend over. This way the woman's vagina is accessible and the man will find it easy to penetrate deeply. If the man enjoys being a little more physical then this position is a good one. The man ends up using more energy standing than lying down or sitting.

While man stands the woman can sits on a desk, dresser or any surface sufficient for penetration. The woman can pull her pelvis forward and her legs apart at the edge of the surface. This sex position allows the man complete control of his thrusts. Also, the women can control the angle that the penis enters her by shifting her hips, allowing her much better orgasms using this position and masturbating as well.

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