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Female sexual health issues such as STD’s, female sexual dysfunctions, and problems that relate to sexuality are all issues women face throughout their lifetime. Here at you can learn about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of STI’s and their long term effects.

It is not uncommon to encounter some sort of female sexual health issue such as a sexual dysfunction. Most women can encounter several of these issues through their lifetime. In the United States statistics have shown that 43% of American women have at least one or more sexual disorder. 33% of American women have acknowledged that they may have a low sex drive (libido). 24% of American women also reported an inability to reach orgasm (anorgasmia). Some women (14%) even stated some sort of discomfort or pain during intercourse. For most women to achieve a healthier sexual life, it is important to become knowledgeable about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of female sexual problems to achieve some solution.

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