Tantric Sex 101: Guide to Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex: ‘The Science of Ecstasy’

Just like in Zen or in Yoga, Tantra is considered to be a path leading to enlightenment that has its origins in India. Tantric sex which is termed as the ’science of ecstasy’ it mainly focuses on prolonging and heightening the special rapport and awareness that is present between two lovers during the art of lovemaking. This concept holds the view that the greatest energy source in the universe is the sexual energy, and it also lays emphasis on the ritualized sex act and tantric practice. The orgasm is seen as an experience that is both divine as well as cosmic.


Tantric philosophy preaches that every act of ours, especially sexual, has to be experienced playfulness. But, every touch, gesture, action and sensory perception during the act of tantric sex has to be regarded with a sense of sacredness and awareness. The tantric path is and has always been a spiritual one, which involves and encourages the sexual experience. Sex and sensuality is regarded by many tantrics as a form of conscious meditation, akin to the flowing together of various energies like the cosmic, erotic and physical ones.


If you are contemplating becoming a student of tantra or are already a student, then you would have to go through an advanced program that deals with sexual, physical and even mental exercises in order to heighten your sensory perception. By practicing the various lovemaking techniques in a slow and thoughtful manner, you will be able to learn how to comfortably prolong the art. Not only will you be training yourself to be completely aware of your own sexual feelings, but you will also be aware of those of your sex partner. If you’re wondering what is so spiritual about all of this, then here goes – tantric sex will teach you to utilize the sexual energy entrapped within you to fuse ecstatically with that of your partners to become one with the god or cosmos.


Tantric Guide to Prolong Arousal and Staying Sexually Charged

Every heterosexual couple engaged in tantric lovemaking will always strive to prolong their arousal. There are various staged involved in tantric sex – from slow and sensual caressing to extremely slow and erotic intercourse, the imagination plays a powerful role in this ‘science of ecstasy’. For instance, a man could insert his penis only an inch or so within his partner’s vagina without actually thrusting and allow it to remain this way for a full minute. Then he could slowly, teasingly withdraw his erect penis from her vagina and allow it to rest on her clitoris. The clitoris is by far the most sensitive part of the female genitalia and is found right above the vaginal opening. After remaining in the position for another minute, the man may slide his penis inside the vagina once again. During these subsequent cycles of resting and penetration, the male will rest first outside and then inside the vagina. During the other times, the couple can lie together silently, or can even gently caress each other while concentrating on their sexual experience. Throughout this whole act, the couple will always be highly aroused and can come close to reaching orgasm on many occasions.


Karezza: Enhance and Prolong your Orgasms

This art of prolonging the orgasm during lovemaking has also been described in the ancient book, Kama Sutra, which is the Hindu sex guide that was written in the 4th century. The term ‘Karezza’ has been used to describe the man’s practice of pleasuring his female partner and of prolonging and extending the sexual act by maintaining his state of climax without really ejaculating. These are known as ‘dry orgasms’ or ‘orgasms without ejaculation’ and can be extremely pleasurable while allowing the sexual act to go on for hours. The concept of Karezza incorporates meditation, breathing control, finger pressure and working with postures into the art of tantric sex. Though Karezza was devoted to enhancing the male’s sexual experience and is considered to be a sexually biased theory (keep in mind it was written in the 4th century), the focus of the theory is to prolong the state of climax, which can lead to both the man’s as well as the woman’s sexual enjoyment.


Yes, tantric sex celebrates the art of lovemaking and regards the sexual energy of an individual as an ally rather than a taboo or something to be suppressed or discussed in hushed tones. It does not shun sex, in stead Tantra does just the opposite – it embraces the art of lovemaking. Today, tantra happens to be the only spiritual practice that considers the sexual experience as sacred and definitely not a sin – even if it is taking place before marriage or outside it.    »

Fun Facts

The texts of Tantra state that sex has three different and separate purposes: procreation, pleasure and liberation.

Did you know?

Tantric sex, many believe is based on men using their PC muscles to delay orgasm. The practice is said to come from Buddhist folklore. To strengthen the PC muscles try Kegel Excersises for men that suffer from premature ejaculation.