Erotic Spanking: Adult Spanking When You’re Naughty

Introduction To Erotic Spanking


Yes, spanking can be erotic, and we’re not talking about going to the principal’s office for a spanking, but getting in bed for a spanking. There are many people who are turned on by adult spanking and bare bottom spanking, both male and female.


The turn-on in erotic spanking is not so much in the sensation of pain, but the feeling of submission and vulnerability. The butt is actually an erogenous zone and the feeling of touch down there increases the anticipation of sexual pleasure. No wonder a bare bottom spanking has become a fetish of so many people.


For men, erotic spanking causes arousal in fact that they have a feeling of control and power over the vulnerable woman. The excitement of merely touching and playing with an attractive rear and the fact that he is putting her in the mood also arouses him.


Erotic spanking arouses us differently than when we are touched in other erogenous zones. This is because the sexual arousal nerves are under a layer of fat and the impact of a spank triggers them. Additionally, bare bottom spanking causes the blood to spread to those important genital areas and this is needed for orgasm. When properly done, adult spanking can be great foreplay.


Erotic Spanking: Toys, Positions & Role-Play

Many people like to incorporate a few toys or props into their erotic spanking. There are a variety of items that not only do the job, but also convey a sense of power to the user. The bare hands are always good, but if you want to have a little more fun with your erotic spanking why not break out the belt, a paddle or even a strappy little leather whip? Some people even use hairbrushes and, of course, there is the cane.


Adult Spanking Positions

There are various positions for spanking as well. These include the traditional over the knees, over a chair or couch, on hands and knees, lying bottom up or even bent under the arm of the spanker. However, you can access a bottom you can usually spank it. The concept does usually require one individual in some state of helplessness while they are spanked. When done properly, a good erotic spanking over a knee can cause a woman to squirm, which can then also cause stimulation of the clitoris as it is rubbed on the supporting knee.


Sex Spanking: Sex, Spanking & Roleplay

Erotic spanking tends to play a large part in sexual role-play as well. There are a variety of situations in which adult spanking could be incorporated into a sexual role-play scenario. Whether the male enjoys being the stern guardian, spanking the naughty schoolgirl or the offended husband spanking his wife as a form of punishment for her transgressions. In both of these situations, she should need a spanking “for her own good.” Of course, the woman can take the reins as well and have the man be the “bad boy” and punish him for his transgressions. If you really want to get into, include props and costumes as well.

Different Adult Spanking Techniques

The right technique is crucial for a good erotic spanking. A slightly cupped palm with fingers together is the best way to spank without causing a lot of pain, yet it still reddens the skin. If your partner is unresponsive to this then you can throw in a good flat-handed palm spank here and there as well. The best technique is one that causes anticipation. Use a slow tempo and an irregular rhythm to add anticipation and tension. When the next spank can’t be predicted, that’s when the arousal increases.   »

Fun Facts

In the Global Durex Survey 31% of couples would like more fun and better communication and intimacy with their partner, talk to your partner about adult spanking.

Did you know?

The buttock is supplied with several nerve endings, the nerves that allow arousal and stimulation are buried beneath body fat, through adult spanking these nerve endings are triggered.