Pleasing a Man Sexually

Pleasing a Man in Bed

There are several steps to pleasing a many sexually. It’s more than just pleasing a man in bed or knowing how to turn a man on. It’s a combination of things that allow you to reach your final goal.


The first step in pleasing a man sexually is seducing him. Talk to him with confidence and use a soft and throaty tone. All men are suckers for a massage. Walk up to him and give him a shoulder rub or touch him subtly as you go by and be flirtatious. Touching and massage are excellent ways to let him know you are in the mood. On the other hand, if you’ve both already been intimate then you can take it one step further and do a striptease. Or, when he comes home, you can have a role play set up and waiting on him as soon as he walks in the door. Lure him into the bedroom with notes or other signs he’ll be sure to follow and then surprise him with either a striptease or role play. These are all ways to seduce him and get him in the mood.


Tips on Pleasing a Man Sexually: Hand Job


Just like you can be pleasured manually, so can your man. Pleasing a man in bed can come in many forms and a hand job is just one of them. Giving your man a good head job is sexy skill that he’ll appreciate. To perform a basic hand job, gently wrap your fingers around his penis and move your hand up and down in a slow and steady rhythm. As his arousal grows, mix it up a bit with one of these techniques:

  • The Two Hander: Form a ring with your thumb and forefinger at the base of his shaft and gently scale up the penis.  Then as you go down with one hand; repeat with the other hand.  If you make a gentle twisting motion at the end, you’ll definitely be pleasing your man sexually.
  • Erotic Two Hander:Work his penis with one hand as you fondle his balls with the other hand.
  • The Finisher: As he begins to near an orgasm, stroke the shaft with one hand and then gently massage his perineum.  It’s packed with nerves and it will drive him crazy.


Tips on Pleasing a Man Sexually: Blow Job


Men love blow jobs.  They love the intimacy, but they also grow up thinking that giving good blow job just comes naturally to women.  However, this is not necessarily the case; some women just have more practice than others.  There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when giving oral sex.  One is no teeth, unless he asks for it.  Men typically don’t like the feeling of your teeth on their penis and, quite frankly, it scares them.  Another important aspect is good lubrication.  Generally, your saliva should be enough to do the trick, but there are also flavored lubes available on the market.  Oral sex also needs to be safe, so consider using an un-lubricated condom as well.  Here are a few tantalizing techniques he’ll enjoy:

  • Mouth and Tongue: Most men love a lot of tongue.  Try licking the head of his penis and then lick up and down the sides of it.  You can also swirl your tongue around the penis as well.  This will also get him nice and lubricated so that your mouth will slide up and down easily.  Then add in some hand action as well, this will help to regulate how much of his penis goes into your mouth in case you gag easily as well.
  • Gently Caress his Balls: As you lick and slide your mouth up and down his penis, gently touch his scrotum with the pads of your fingers.   Gently work his balls around in your hands as you suck and lick his penis.  You can also add a brisk brush of your fingers up and down his perineum for added sensations. Also, you can play with his balls in your mouth or lick them as well.
  • You Don’t Have to Wait Until He’s Hard: When you’re man is ready for a blow job, you don’t have to wait until he’s hard when pleasing a man sexually.  Instead, place his soft penis in your mouth, gently lick, and suck.  You will soon feel it begin to grow in your mouth while you continue licking and kissing it.  When he is partially erect, begin moving your mouth up and down while continuing to lick.  He’ll know you know how to turn a man on when you do this.


Tips on Pleasing a Man Sexually: Anal Play


Anal play is another option that many men enjoy. There are two very pleasurable areas around a man’s anus. One is the anus itself and the other is the perineum, where there’s a bundle of nerves. Inside, you’ll find the prostate which is located a couple inches inside the anus and feels like a firm bulge. There are two ways to please a man sexually here. One is you can finger the anus and tease the nerves around it. Another way is to use your fingers for prostate stimulation. If you do this, be sure that you have plenty of lubrication and that you are gentle. Finally, you can use a toy to stimulate the prostate. There are several forms of male dildos designed specifically for prostate stimulation. Remember, you need to communicate very well for anal play and be very gentle while using a ton of lube. Afterwards, be sure to clean all of your sex toys carefully.      »

Fun Facts

 According a recent Global Durex Survey, 60% of us say that sex is fun, enjoyable, and a vital part of life.

Did you know?

 Everyone knows the pleasurable g-spot located in a woman’s body, but did you know men also have a SPOT normally called the prostate gland that can provide intense orgasms when stimulated.