A Blindfold and a Feather, it can be a REAL turn on…Fetish & Foreplay

Foreplay Ideas- Be one of the Lucky ones who do Reach Orgasm

Have you and your lover noticed that your sex life has lost that initial zing, that exciting zest – the romance and passion? Naturally as the years go by for most couples, the passion that was abundant in the beginning and the desire that was prevalent back then begins to fade noticeably. So what happened to that ecstatic beginning? What has happened to make your sex life that once sizzled begins to frizzle? The answer is pretty simple! It’s the lack of foreplay which can spice up your sex life!


Sexual foreplay is an extremely important part in the lovemaking act. It is foreplay that gets us stimulated and aroused to the point of ecstasy. So, just hopping into bed and getting started with intercourse directly without any arousing foreplay techniques is not going tobget you anywhere. Many of the lucky ones who do reach orgasm will tell you that most of their time spent in bed was spent in foreplay. It is very important to be aroused before the actual act of intercourse begins. Foreplay leaves us willing, ready and excited. So, no more of those “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” sessions.


Some Amazing Foreplay Ideas

Sexual Foreplay would include anything from hugging to kissing to even manual and oral stimulation, and it should always be an ongoing, all-day affair if you’re looking out for a fun-filled and exciting time. The best way to start with foreplay is to set the mood for your partner. You could probably give each other an erotic massage or take an aromatic bath together. Soft music and a candle lit dinner is the best way to the set the mood for a passion-filled, steamy hot night. Taking a shower together can be very exciting and you can arouse your lover by lathering his or her body from up to down, spending more time in the erogenous zones.


Touch is another very interesting, very stimulating way to attract your partner’s attention. You could work your fingers smoothly and gently over your partner’s body in light, circular motions. Run your fingers over the ‘sensitive spots’ to enhance arousal.


Kissing is considered to be the best part about foreplay. Concentrate on each other’s lips, ears, neck, stomach, and of course – the private parts! Everything from nibbling and sucking to biting and licking are great foreplay ideas.


Incorporate Experimental Desires: Foreplay, Fetishes and Fantasies

However, if you are willing to try something a little more ‘experimental’ the next time, try incorporating each other’s fetishes into your foreplay act. Everyone has some kind of a fetish or the other, a sexual fantasy that they would love to act out. So, if you are in a relationship, then you could talk to each other about your fetishes and try enacting them to spice up your sex life. You could introduce sex toys and vibrators into your sex life. From spanking to bondage, there are so many different kinds of fetishes out there! Bondage is considered to be one of the most erotic fetish forms, and tying your partner up and using the different bondage gear can be a real turn on. Many people, especially men fantasize about anal sex or even threesomes and orgies. Oral edible body chocolate is another fun way to pleasure your partner. Role playing and acting out scenes from adult movies are popular ways to get the mood going and flowing.


BlindFold Sex and Feather Fetish: An Arousing foreplay Technique

Foreplay ideas such as blindfolds to using feathers when you’re blindfolded, fetishes go a long way in making the lovemaking session more satisfying. Everyone has different desires and fetishes and it can be good fun to act out these fantasies. Some couples like to watch adult movies before sex because it gets them all geared up for a nightlong session, while other couples like to role play and dress up like nurses or cops to get their partners begging for more.


Sharing intimate Erotic Fetish Dreams and Fantasies

Sharing your fantasies and erotic dreams with each other can only lead to a more satisfying and steamy sex life. Experimenting with your creativity and imagination is the only way to find absolute and constant sexual bliss. So whether you’re posing as a dominatrix or your rubbing ice up and down each other’s bodies, experimenting and exploring with fetishes can be absolutely fulfilling and orgasmic!  »

Fun Facts

Stimulating the erogenous zones is considered to be the ultimate foreplay which will sexually stimulate most individuals.

Did you know?

International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems described fetishism as “the use of inanimate objects as a stimulus to achieve sexual arousal and satisfaction”.