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Types of Lubrication

Oil-Based Lubrication

Oil based lubrication has been recorded as the first form of lubrication. For centuries people have search for a solution to vaginal dryness. Without any other options available, many looked for slippery solutions such as olive oil. Today oil based lubes are made out of natural

products such as nut oils, vegetable oils and mineral oils.

Even though oil based lubes can be a bother at times, it is well suited for male masturbation. Since it is very slippery and thick it is perfect for use by men. It is also very useful for anal sex since it keeps the surface slippery and it won’t dry out like water-based lubrication.



Oil based lubricant are very difficult to wash off, it is also guaranteed to stain clothing and sheets. You have to be very careful when using oil based lubes since it can become very messy.

Oil-based lubes especially petroleum-based lubes are well known for breaking down and destroying any form of latex, avoid using these lubes with condoms, latex toys and rubber toys. Avoid using oil based lubricant when using cervical caps, female condoms and diaphragms as well.


Water-Based Lubrication

The majority of the lubes on the market are water-based lubes they lead the market in terms of popularity. Water based lubes compared to oil based lubes are a lot thinner and more manageable. Unlike oil based lubes, the water based lubes is considered to be an all-purpose lube since it is generally safe to use with latex (condoms, latex toys, rubber toys), on all sex toys (especially silicone toys), effective in not staining fabric, and flavors can easily be added. Water based lubes also clean up fairly easily with just soap and water and many water based lubes out there simply just soak into the skin.

Water-based lubes can be used in almost all sexual activity and is relatively the safest form of lubrication whether you are using it with or without a sex toy, vaginally or anally.

There are some unbelievable water-based lubricants out there on the market, keep in mind that it’s safe, fun and very manageable. Water-based lubrication will add that much needed slippery action that will make sex even more pleasurable.



The only downside to this all-purpose lube is that since it is water-based, it is vulnerable to dehydrating (drying up), but since the slippery ingredient doesn’t dry up, simply applying water to the lubed area will restore your lubrication. If you especially don’t like the fact that water-based lubes have the tendency to dry up then silicone-based lubes are your best options.

Water based lubes are relatively safe but there has been strong correlations between flavored water-based lubes which are glycerin based and causing yeast infections. The reason behind this is that glycerin turns into a sugar when it reacts with vaginal juices changing the pH balance of the vaginal tract making it fairly easy to get yeast infections. So be very cautious when trying water-based flavored lubes, especially since there real purpose is for licking externally such as off the nipples and other body parts.


Silicone-Based Lubrication

Silicone-based lubricants most likely will be more expensive than water-based lubricants, but you end up using less of the silicone-based lube since it doesn’t dehydrate like the water-based lube. Silicone lube tends to last much longer than water-based lubes especially in use with your sex toys.

Also since silicone is not water-soluble like the water-based lube, it is the best form of lube to use for sensual fun in the tub or Jacuzzi. So you can enjoy your sex toy in the water or for those intimate sexual encounters in the water that you enjoy so much. (Be careful though silicone can make the tub extremely slippery.) Silicone based lubes because of its longevity can also be used as a massage oil since it is slick and doesn’t dry up so easily.

Silicone is also one of the safest lubrications because it doesn’t change the body’s pH balance nor is it absorbed into the body like most water-based lubes. It isn’t suggested digesting any silicone-based lubricant just because it won’t fair well with your digestive system and may cause the runs.


When using silicone-based lubricants try to avoid using them along with lower end silicone made products. Since silicone bonds to silicone, silicone lubes along with lower-quality silicone products can begin to damage the surface of most toys making it sticky and gummy. Since the lower quality toys are made up of silicone and other materials, the silicone lube tends to stick to those materials. Toys that are made out of “platinum” silicone (medical grade silicone) don’t have these problems and are safe to use along with silicone based lubes.

The only real downside to silicone based lubes is that cleaning yourself and your sex toys isn’t as simple as with water-based lubes. It will take some effort by using some soap and water and you should be fine.


Vaginal Moisturizers

A vaginal moisturizer is another solution for vaginal dryness outside of lubrications. Vaginal moisturizers such as Replens, Lubrin, Sylk, Senselle differ from common lubricant in reference to application and use. Vaginal moisturizers are applied 2-3 times a week since it can moisturize the vagina and decrease dryness for up to three days, much longer than normal lubricants.

Vaginal moisturizers are non hormonal so that it avoids any complications such vaginal irritation and hormone imbalances (pH level). The vagina is coated with the moisturizer lasting up to three days, so it does not need to be applied directly before intercourse. The formulas used in these moisturizers replenish and maintain natural moisture for several days, coating and soothing dry vaginal cells. It is knows to promote healing of vaginal tissues and in some instances help replenish vaginal moisture alleviating vaginal dryness.


The cost is relatively high compared to the quantity


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