“The role of the partner in erectile dysfunction and its treatment”

– “all too often clinicians fail to appreciate that ED can result from problems in the patients partner and/or difficulties in their relationship”

– treat with the little blue pill – “With the introduction of pharmacological user friendly treatments for ED ,erectile dysfunction has been considered a male medical problem treated in isolation of their partner.”

– Female partners of men who present with ED had a high rate of sexual difficulties

(62%), (orgasmic dysfunctions, vaginismus, dyspareunia, and reduced sexual interest), while only 8% of female dysfunction preceded the onset of ED.

– Successfully treating ED is dependent on identifying and addressing all factors; psychological, behavioral factors, et al. Unless all issues are addressed, the man and his partner may not be able to re-establish a mutually satisfying sexual relationship even with erectile  pharmacological treatment

– “keeping sex alive within a relationship requires more than just physiological competency. Important requirements are positive reinforcing feedback from one partner to the other and novelty of sexual behavior within the relationship. When these requirements are not met, one or both partners may lose interest in the sexual side of the relationship and, as a result, develop or induce in the other partner physiological sexual impairment……”

– Ideally each partner should offer their input towards identifying three factor;

What may have made the man more susceptible to develop ED (predisposing factors),

factors that triggered the onset of the problem (precipitating factors), and

those factors that might maintain the problem (maintain factors) (see note 10)