The Best Sex Positions for Maximizing Her Pleasure

Missionary – Legs Up Many women feel most comfortable staying close to the missionary position, especially since it is one of the most intimate positions.

Allow her to lie on her back and place some pillows or a position cushion under the small part of her back so her pelvis is at an angle. Now kneel on the bed between her spread legs, penetrate her gently at first, and then raise her legs so her ankles are resting on your shoulders. From this angle, you’ll able to give her deep penetration and incredible clitoral stimulation, plus you’ll be able to control the depth of your thrusts better.

Try teasing her with a few light thrusts, and then mix it up by going as deep and as hard as you can.


For large/obese couples:

The classic missionary position and favorite enjoyed by most can also be enjoyed by obese couples with a little refinement.

Upward pelvic tilt – a pillow or position cushion under her tush, positions her pelvic region for her partners access between her thighs.
Male kneels between her thighs during intercourse instead of laying on top of her. Of course this ALSO allows for easy access to stimulate her clitoris.

Improve Missionary Position with Sexual Positioning Tools engineered for:  

Comfortably she can raise and lower her legs – straps quickly adjust

Relieves leg fatigue and back fatigue

Easy to adjust position angle of women’s hips for deeper penetration (great for small penis)  and to direct more g spot stimulation

His Hands are free to explore more sensual areas – tickle, play, tease

Creates more intense and different sensations for both partners

Oral Sex is enhanced Great for oral sex – allows either partner to keep their legs in the air for accessibility (important for obese people)