Female Partners Sexual Satisfaction Of Men With ED

Little attention has focused on the female partner and the impact of Ed on their sexuality

American men spend over 1 billion dollars a year on erectile dysfunction drugs a year.

Although a man with ED seeks a means to have an erection to enable him to have sexual intercourse, his partner may have a totally different agenda.

ED It Is a Problem That Affects His Sexual Partner.

Unless she sees that her own sexual needs are likely to be met, she may not be as cooperative in helping him regain his erection and may even sabotage the opportunities.

Although ED is the male’s failure to maintain an erection, it is a problem that affects especially his female sexual partner. The management of ED, whether formally stated or not, it has been considered a male problem. This leads to ED being managed in isolation of their female partners.

For his partner, success might be judged more in terms of the quality of their sexual interaction and emotional elements.


Keeping sex alive within a relationship requires more than just physical competency. Important requirements are;

  • positive reinforcing feedback from one partner to the other
  • novelty of sexual behavior within that relationship.


When Her Needs Are Not Met

Female partners may also be less enthusiastic in providing sexual stimulation if they feel that they are unlikely to get out of the sexual interaction what they really would like and what is important for them in contributing to their sexual satisfaction.


What is Your Favorite Part of Sexual Behavior?

When female partners of men with ED were asked, ‘What is your favorite part of sexual behavior?’

Only 37% reported sexual intercourse, with most (60%) reported foreplay.


Almost identical preferences of female partners of nondistressed partners;

58.2% of women considered foreplay to be the most satisfying component of partner-related sexual activities, and only 11.2% considered sexual intercourse to be the most satisfying component.

65.3% of the women in both groups reported wanting more foreplay.

For the ED patient, the most important measure of outcome is his renewed ability to have an rigid erection to enable penetrative sexual intercourse.

Her personal expectations may be different from those of her partner.

Simply giving these men the means to have an erection may not result in sexual intercourse unless steps are first taken to help the couple re-establish intimate contact.

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the man’s fear of failure progressing to the fear of initiating intimate behavior often leads to physical distancing between the partners in a relationship.

–  Given these  dynamics ‘unless steps are first taken to help the couple re-establish intimate contact ‘ simply getting him erect may not result in sexual intercourse’

– While the female partner may fell both guilt (am I the cause of his ed?) and feelings of rejection (he no longer approaches me, he no longer loves me).

– lead to relationship issues such as anorgasmia, infrequency of sexual activities, no communication between partners, sexual dissatisfaction, no sensitivity and avoidance of sexual encounters