Men with ED

–  Men with ED and their partners tend to overestimate the importance their respective partners place on sexual intercourse. i.e.

while only 20.2% of women considered sexual intercourse to ‘somewhat or very important to them” 47.6% of their male partners considered this to be the case.


– 65.3% of women in this study of partners w/ed reported their need for more foreplay, clearly a validation that the female partner may be less interested to offer adequate sexual stimulation and positive reinforcing feedback if they feel they are unlikely to get out of the sexual interaction what they like and what is important for their own sexual satisfaction.


(carroll and bagley) when female partners of men with erectile dysfunction were asked ‘what is your favorite part of sexual behavior?

 only 37% reported sexual intercourse and majority (60%) reported foreplay and this proves to be the same  for women in ‘non-distressed marriages’ where 58.2% of women considered foreplay  the most satisfying component of sexual activity and only 11.2% considered sexual intercourse to be the most satisfying component