“It’s not like we dont want it to happen, it just doesn’t, if you know what i mean… “

For Men with Erectile Dysfunction, or Premature Ejaculation there are options and would you believe she will probably, like most women, enjoy these new moves of yours, better than longer intercourse………. it is true!


“Psychological disruptions have been known to cause sexual dysfunction without discrimination to age in both men and women.”

Did You Know That Men with Erectile Dysfunctions … overestimate the importance their respective partners place on sexual intercourse. i.e. while only 20.2% of women consider sexual intercourse to ‘somewhat or very important to them” 47.6% of their male partners considered this to be the case.”

“couples who have altered their sexual repertoires in response to ED in ways which de-emphasizes coitus in favor of non coital activities : they may also have become more adventurous and experimental in terms of sexual pleasure (grey etal 2002)”