Only 30% of Women Will Orgasm with Penetration alone

Only 30% of Women Will Orgasm with Penetration alone

Only 30% of women orgasm during sexual intercourse with penetration alone.
True !


Yes 70% 0f women require clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm. Only 17% of women are likely to have an actual orgasm during vaginal intercourse because the clitoris does not receive sufficient stimulation during intercourse with penetration alone.

  Most of us are aware how important the clitoris is during foreplay;

   YET, We often tend to forget the clitoris during intercourse

Natural clitoral stimulation during intercourse with the exception of the coital alignment technique and a very few intercourse positions just doesn’t happen because of the gap in our bodies between the man’s pelvis and the woman’s clitoris preventing clitoral stimulation.
Some intercourse positions do offer open access to the clitoris, her most sensitive sex organ, for either partner to stimulate manually or with a vibrator.
A vibrator is a sure way to enhance her pleasure with intense clitoral stimulation and orgasm.


 Doctors into the 1920’s would use the vibrator as a medical instrument on their female patients to achieve an orgasm. This was to treat and alleviate their symptoms of hysteria (e.g. anxiety, mood…). Still today science recognizes orgasm for its full body health benefits. Orgasm releases chemicals into the brain as a natural mood enhancer and stress reduction, are among its many health benefits.

While every women is different and each responds differently to different types of stimulation, most women do require longer more intense stimulation in order to feel the complete release of orgasm than men do. For many women a vibrator is the easiest and most assuring tool to help have an orgasm. The vibrator provides direct pressure with intense genital stimulation that women respond well to and usually heard in the new sounds of her ecstasy.

Only 17% of women usually have an orgasm during intercourse and 52% of women regularly fake orgasm.
Clinical research indicates as we age, women with decreased clitoral sensations respond well to the direct intense genital stimulation only a vibrator can produce.

Orgasm During Intercourse!
Vibrators: Which One’s for You


Vibrating Penis Erection Ring He is The Vibrator – Vibrator Cock Ring Combo. For many couples a Vibrating Cock Rings is the simplest vibrator to use and creates new pleasures while getting comfortable with the idea of using a vibrator. After all what man doesn’t want/think his penis is her pleasure?
This toy is worn by him and the primary focus is her clitoris. Vibrating Penis Rings are great for both beginners and those more experienced with the art of vibrator orgasmic enhancements. A must buy for great connections in intimate nights!



 Vibrating Butterfly for Orgasm During Intercourse Often called the perfect couples vibrator. 10 Function Butterfly Vibrator is a hands-free, non-invasive couple’s vibrator that closes the “gap” and offers direct pressure and vibration on the clitoris while allowing for penetration. The vibrator is held in place by the adjustable straps around your waist and thighs and let the Butterfly do the work while allowing for unobstructed penetration. For both solo and partner play.



Finger Bunny Waterproof Vibrator Imagine a finger vibe as the perfect extension of your fingers with its super hero vibrating powers that is powerful yet small, so its discreet and perfect for travel.
Some women would like to achieve both a clitoral orgasm and climax simultaneously during intercourse. The finger vibe is the product to accommodate your complete pleasurable desires. With two scintillating, sensual sensations happening together, you’re BOTH sure to have the most exquisite orgasms. A Finger Vibe is definitely a must-have for all Couples Pleasure Collection!



For Couples Often called the perfect couples vibrator. Conforming to a woman’s unique shape, the We-Vibe II is the first-ever dual vibrator that can be worn internally while making love.
Specifically designed to fit the interior of the vagina with a wide enough base to perfectly hit the G-spot. The We-Vibe makes achieving an orgasm during intercourse attainable, easier and more pleasurable, for Both! Clitoral and internal G-Spot stimulation for women engaging in both solo and partner play.


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These vibrators are designed specifically for unobstructed penetration when used during intercourse. Couples Vibrators for Intercourse

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