Medications Effects Orgasm and Libido

Side_Effects_Pills_sex_quotientCertain classes of medications can potentially inhibit ones capacity to orgasm and lower ones libido. True

Side effects of medication can potentially be the cause of many adverse sexual dysfunctions including its effect on sexual desire and ability to achieve orgasm, particularly antidepressants and other medications that affect the central nervous system (CNS). (*1)
There are many women suffering a neurologic disease, decreased vascular blood flow  or the side effects of medication/treatments and  who still desire to be sexually active with the pleasures of intimate relationships,
Doctors Don’t Treat Side Effects
Unfortunately intimacy is a commonly neglected topic of the patients care for those who still desire to be sexually active and yet intimacy can be a very important element in her emotional coping abilities. It is important for health providers to openly acknowledge how a patients sexuality can be affected and yet all too often clinicians fail to appreciate the harsh negative impact and the nerve wracking havoc a sexual dysfunction causes the patient or their partner, affecting both the patients emotional outlook and their self image, often the result from disease itself or it’s treatment,
Did you know the vibrator is recommended/ prescribed by the for women suffering with anorgasmia, the inability to orgasm?
“For women who have decreased genital sensations or who fail to orgasm because of inadequate genital afferent input to the CNS, use of vibrators may overcome the sensory deficit in some instances by providing genital stimulation at greater intensity” (*)
The clitoris has a very high concentration of nerve endings and inadequate sensory input to the central nervous system has been linked as a likely and very prominent factor in Female Sexual Dysfunction.
As we age our vascular blood flow and neurological responses from our nerve ending change, often with a direct correlating to reduced sexual responses. The addition of direct intense genital stimulation a vibrator produces can often times be the simple solution.
For many women a vibrator is one of the easiest, quickest, simplest ways to achieve an orgasm. Women respond well to direct, intense, sustained clitoral stimulation, in fact 70% of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.
While every woman is different and often responds differently to different types of stimulation, women do require longer and more intense stimulation than men to achieve orgasm.

  Most women are more interested in additional foreplay than intercourse; stimulating foreplay will always make her orgasm quicker and better.

  Did you know?
 As happy couples know, the key to a great sex life often includes experimentation.
Mutual Masturbation is a stimulating foreplay activity that has intimate relationship benefits extending way beyond the bedroom, for those couples that engage in it and it seems over 60% have.

    Golden Opportunity to Refresh Your Bedroom

Sex toys and vibrators are designed to bring couples closer together by enhancing their intimate activities with increased sexual pleasures. Bedroom toys have many benefits for couples and for women a vibrator is a sure way to give her an orgasm creating a fulfilling experience, guaranteed to give you both the most pleasurable, sensual sexual satisfaction..

 Only 17% of women are likely to have an actual orgasm during vaginal intercourse because the clitoris does not receive sufficient stimulation from intercourse alone. A vibrator is the most intense direct clitoral stimulation technique. View

Female masturbation is one the best treatment for women that have trouble achieving an orgasm.
The National Institute of Health recommends the use of vibrators as an effective way for women to achieve an orgasm .


Golden opportunity to refresh your bedroom
This is your golden opportunity to refresh and break the routine of your bedroom boredom and start to live a fulfilling sex life again. Every challenge has its benefits – Seize the opportunity to change what wasn’t working anyway into pleasurable romantic experiences.
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