Less than Half of Couples Are Satisfied with Their Sex Lives!


Less than half of couples surveyed said they are very satisfied and or satisfied with their sex lives.


True Only 43% of partners said they are at least somewhat satisfied with their sex lives including the 18% who say they are ‘extremely satisfied with their sex lives. Sexual Satisfaction is on the decline, as that number was almost 10% points higher than in 2004 survey. (*)


One out of every two couples are less than satisfied with their bedroom sexual experiences. While this is a rather common problem many couples face, being sexually satisfied, it is also one easily changed with little effort.

It’s nobody’s fault, as most marriage therapist will tell you societal influences us not to talk about sex and then marriage therapists will highlight the importance of making sure that BOTH partners all three basic needs are met for sexual intimacy to thrive within a relationship:

Positive reinforcement between partners (communications)
Sexual Stimulation
Novelty of Sexual Behavior

Keeping Sex Alive Within Relationships Requires Mutual Satisfaction …
Women when asked said:
It Could Be Their Partner:
•          · 37 percent say their bedmate needs a fresh approach.
•          · 29 percent says the sex is only about intercourse.
•          · 24 percent says he never asks what they want
 Communications is the only way to find out what the reasons are.

Good communications is the key to a good sex life. One of many proven benefits of a vibrant sex life is also greater relationship happiness. XX% of women who have sex once a week or more say they are happy…in relationship.


Did you know?

 Most women are more interested in additional foreplay than intercourse; stimulating foreplay will always make her orgasm quicker and better.

 As happy couples know, the key to a great sex life often includes experimentation.
Mutual Masturbation is a stimulating foreplay activity that has intimate relationship benefits extending way beyond the bedroom, for those couples that engage in it and it seems over 60% have.

    Frustration or Fulfillment ?

Sex toys and vibrators are designed to bring couples closer together by enhancing their intimate activities with increased sexual pleasures. Bedroom toys have many benefits for couples and for women a vibrator is a sure way to give her an orgasm creating a fulfilling experience, guaranteed to give you both the most pleasurable, sensual sexual satisfaction..

39% of women use vibrators with their partners during foreplay.

 Only 17% of women are likely to have an actual orgasm during vaginal intercourse because the clitoris does not receive sufficient stimulation from intercourse alone. A vibrator is the most intense direct clitoral stimulation technique. View

Female masturbation is one the best treatment for women that have trouble achieving an orgasm.
The National Institute of Health recommends the use of vibrators as an effective way for women to achieve an orgasm .

65% of Women said they Wanted and Needed More Foreplay.

FOREPLAY Your Way to Orgasm

Inspire More Communications

Explore your hidden desires and fantasies easily, through couple’s games. Games allow you to act out all your naughty and forbidden desires, safely explore them in the comfort of your personal limits. Couples games are the fun invitation to understand ones partner, mind and body.
Games are perfect for the couple looking to invite (inspire) more intimate communications in their relationship, with sensual foreplay actions meant to delight the senses as you tease, please and play.
Games allow you to act out all your naughty and forbidden desires, to safely explore within the comforts of your personal limits. A game simply allows couples to open their mind to new things they may not been considered before and experience the fun foreplay activities like massage, role play, shower play, explore fetishes, experience it all:

Flirt, kiss, massage, and enjoy frisky foreplay as you and your lover move around the sheets.

Sex Positions, Bondage & Fetishes, Edible Body Toppings, Teasing & Tickling, Role Play & Fantasy, Foreplay & Romance
Learn How To Enjoy Each Other .Discover inventive ways to heat up the passion and sex life in your relationship. If your sex life is lacking excitement and intrigue then you definitely need an irresistible bedroom kit of toys for you and your lover to enhance your naughty fun.
Sexually satisfying intimacy can be a dream come true in your bedroom. You can take your sexual relationship from average to exceptional. There is something about exploring ___ that Allow couples to open their mind to new things they may not been considered before. Experience fun like massage, shower, and experience it all.

Delight Your Senses as you Tease, Please and Play.

There is something magical about exploring and being ‘in character’ that allows couples to open their minds to new things and scenarios that may not have been considered previously. you can take your sexual relationship from average to exceptional. Sex is sweet – will delight your senses as you tease, please and play. Choose your comfort range; innocent to a bit naughty. Perfect romantic add-on for travel in a customized gift kit.

 Suggestions To Enjoy More of Each Other —
– CTA open communications solves many – with a game (include dice in a kit)
Few Couples are Happy with Their Sex Life Copy

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Few Couples are Happy with Their Sex Life Copy

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