Lack of Desire is the most common sexual dysfunction complaint of women? True

Yes  Nearly 75 percent of women have reported experiencing a lack of sexual desire on occasion.

            40% of women aged 18-29 reported experiencing a lack of desire regularly
            51% women aged 30-39 are the most likely to report having lack of desire regularly
            47% women aged 40-49 experience lack of desire regularly
 Sex and Desire have Always Been a Very Important Part of Life              
The nature and level of female desire does change over time, just as it does with men. A loss of sexual desire is often related to outside factors e.g. stress, family obligations, side effects of medications – a large part of our sexual experience start in the brain, not below the waist as some may believe.
 Did you know? Often time’s a woman’s desire may not initially be there and yet arousal has been known to follow.
Many women who report low desire have also said they enjoyed intimacy and sexual relations once they begun.
Many times women who may have not  initially experience spontaneous sexual desire or have low sexual desires, do become aroused after being exposed to external stimuli e.g. a soft relaxing sensually stimulating massage, a hot therapeutic shower together… (view more on this below)and were satisfied and thoroughly enjoyed sexual relations after they begun.
“There is no such thing as an uninvolved partner”
 Being satisfied sexually is a very important part of relationships:
78% of women and 63% of men agreed (and believe) ‘a woman’s lack of desire for sex would cause distress in a relationship’.
Have That Sex Talk With Each Other
When a partner loses interest in the sexual side of the relationship, often other health issues develop ie depression, lack of self esteem, stress, and other sexual impairments may develop. Simply put, researchers have found that sex and physical intimacy leads women (and men) to feel less stressed and in better moods the next day.
Communications About Sex is Crucial to a Healthy Relationship
Yes, communications does require some effort, and may push us beyond our comfort zone; the rewards are well worth the effort. This is a wonderful opportunity for both partners to be actively involved in problem solving together. Communications about sex may be hard, but it’s important to find the time with your partner to explore and talk about each other’s desires.
Here Are Some Fun Ways to Rekindle the Desire You Desire.