Sex as a Fitness Tool

Sexercise: Calories Burned During Sex

This is an article about the F-word. No, not that F-word, though we are indeed talking about sex. And not “F” as in fun, which sex certainly should be for people with a pulse. No, we’re talking about fitness, about how sexual activity burns calories and imparts aerobic and bio-chemical benefits that, in terms of user appeal, render the elliptical trainer a distant and forgotten second.


Sex Workout: How Many Calories Are ACTUALLY Burned During Sex

Not many consider the benefits of sex in terms of health benefits. If it’s done right, sex certainly increases the heart rate, which is the fundamental tenet of cardiovascular health. And in that sense, it’s easy to compare sex to any other form of aerobic activity, heartbeat for heartbeat, with all the cholesterol-lowering, stress reducing extras thrown in. If you try to send an online search engine toward sources that will tell you how many calories you burned during sex, chances are you’ll find a lot of tongue-in-cheek stuff (no pun intended there) such as, Calories burned during sex if the man is ready, 10; calories spent if the man isn’t up to par, 312, and the like. And you’ll find some so-called experts that claim a half hour of sex burns only about 17 calories, one can only wonder what kind of research that came from.


Sexercise: Sex and Cardiovascular Health

Bottom line, if your heart rate reaches an aerobic calorie-burning zone during sex, then you can compare it to any other form of exercise in terms of cardiovascular benefits (how it compares otherwise is your call). A half hour of casual walking burns from 100 to 150 calories, and so it is with sex, foreplay included, provided the heart rates are the same. The tamer the sex, the fewer the calories burned. But if you run for a half hour you can burn 350 calories, we’ll leave the sexual equivalent of that up to your imagination. So, if you’re in the mood for a workout, you can either take the bike around the block a few times or you can take your lover around the block a few times in a different sense for a sex workout. Again, that’s your call.


Sexercise Goes Beyond Just Health Benefits

Just as there are ways to increase the aerobic effects of your time in the gym, there are ways to enhance the cardiovascular benefits of your time in the sack, too. And sex isn’t just good for the heart, there is a whole list of benefits that are bio-chemical in nature. If you have an ache or pain somewhere, and it’s not related to the sexual activity you prefer – hey, it happens – chances are you’ll forget it during lovemaking, and the endorphins racing around your circulatory system are one reason why.


The Sex Workout: Is Sex the Key to Good Health?

No one questions the health benefits of daily exercise. It can be the key to peaceful sleep, assist with weight loss, stress reduction and successfully quitting smoking, not to mention lowered cholesterol and increased stamina.And it can lead to better sex, too. Which means, if sex is your exercise of choice, you’ve just stumbled upon the motherlode of self-perpetuating benefits. While it’s not quite a fountain of youth, sex, like exercise, can keep you fit and happy and healthy. Because if the sex is good, chances are your primary relationship is also good, and that’s about as close to the fountain of youth that we can get.


Sexercise: Break Out The Kama Sutra

Believe it or not, the position in which you have sex not only renders the act more fulfilling – another relevant F-word – but diversifying sexual positions can also determine how many calories you’ll burn. To help you explore varying sexual positions, you may want to purchase the Kama Sutra, a third century guide to sexual positions, or something similar (there’s an entire wing at the bookstore devoted to the subject). These guides outline such lovemaking positions as man on top, woman on top, side by side, sitting, standing, upside-down, and numerous sexual positions from behind. Trying out several of these positions, just as trying different aerobic machines at the gym, will add to your pleasure as well as your fitness. Because as it is in the gym, boredom is the great buzz-kill of sex.


Assuming you have a willing partner, there’s no end to the potential for satisfaction, fitness, and the increased sense of intimacy you can experience by experimenting with sexual positions. And like exercise, the more you do it the more you want to do it. So, assume the position and enjoy the aerobic and bio-chemical benefits of sex while improving the fun-factor and kicking it up a notch with more variety. Who knows, those workout gloves might be fun in the bedroom, too.


Sexercise: Myths About Sex & Exercise

And finally, just as exercise prepares athletes for their event and regular folks for a more active life, sex does the very same thing, because your cardiovascular system can’t tell sex from any other form of exercise. Some have believed – boxing trainers most notably – that having sex the night before physical activity somehow diminishes one’s performance the next day, but science tells us this is just not true. There is, however, one exception here – if the person’s mind is focused more on what happened the night before than the next day’s task at hand, performance might indeed be compromised. At least if the sex was terrific. In that case it’s a trade off, and once again…. it’s your call.


Fun Facts

Sex Exercise: Your cardiovascular system can’t tell sex from any other form of exercise.

Sex workout: During sex your heart rate reaches an aerobic calorie-burning zone, great form for cardiovascular benefits

Sexercise & Benefits: Sex can be the key to peaceful sleep, assist with weight loss, stress reduction and successfully quitting smoking, not to mention lowered cholesterol and increased stamina

Did you know?

MYTH: Several studies have suggested that having sex the night before physical activity will not diminishes one’s performance.