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Painful Sex – How To Overcome Vaginal Dryness


Secret_To_Curing_Vaginal_Dryness (1)At some point in women’s lives they are faced with dealing with vaginal dryness. Often this is due to age, because the woman no longer produces the amount of estrogen she once produced before she became peri or post-menopausal, and her natural secretions become less frequent, making sex after menopause very difficult. Experiencing dryness can often lead to irritation, painful sex and serious discomfort during intercourse and this is absolutely no fun for a woman and I’m sure not too thrilling for you either. But there are several other reasons why a woman can sometimes become have a “dry” vagina.

Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness can become an issue if a woman has recently given birth and her healing is incomplete. Rushing into sex may not be wise, and this can led to unnecessary soreness and infection and painful sex. Also, if a woman is young and she experiences vaginal dryness, it can be due to a new medication, a change in her cycle or simply you are failing to arouse her sufficiently. But if none of these explanations are true for you, then maybe she is really disinterested and really doesn’t want to have sex with you. This can keep a woman dry. Trust me.

Fun Facts

 It is estimated that 10 to 40 % nearly half of women between the ages of 40-60 who’ve reached menopause have signs and symptoms related to vaginal dryness. Using lubrication is the most effective method for relieving vaginal dryness.

 The reason women gain so much pleasure from clitoral stimulation is because the clitoris contains the most never endings than in any part of the female body. So play close attention to the clitoris when satisfying a woman sexually

16% of women are more likely to associate lubricants with the menopause symptoms than 9% men because lubricants are commonly used to prevent dry sex

Did you know? 
34% of Americans use vibrators and more than half (54%) use lubricants as part of their sex lives to avoid dry sex

The Cure for a Dry Vagina

However, no matter what, there is a solution to overcoming this minor concern despite the reason for her vaginal dryness. The pharmaceutical industry has made sure of this. They are responsible for creating the first vaginal lubricant recommended for sex and that is your old trusty K-Y Jelly. (Not sure what K or Y stands for? But what the heck it works!)

Expounding on the need to create a moist environment for sexual intercourse, some individuals in the business of “adult pleasure” have developed all sorts of lubricants for various needs. Some are water based, some oil based. It is all a matter of taste. And speaking of taste, you can also find lubes, (lubricants) in various flavors, colors, scents as well as mild, hot and spicy versions. They have such a wide variety available, that it would be impossible for you not to find one that is suitable for your sexual needs. (Check out our vast selection while you’re at it.)

But lastly, if you feel as though artificial means is not natural or maybe not for you, then I suggest you use the old fashion oral sex technique for more than a minute. I’m sure that will help warm things up a bit and should provide you with additional wetness (and a fun way to get what you need) …



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