The Art of Seduction: Foreplay To Seduce Any Woman

The Art Of Seduction A Romantic Approach

Regardless of how ridiculous you may think it is, most women appreciate romantic gestures and a little seduction. A woman’s pleasure is intricately tied to her emotions and how she feels. If you make her feel beautiful and loved, then she will enjoy your performance more then she would if you just went for a roll in the hay, as it were.



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Foreplay has been known to make a woman orgasm quicker and harder, so try some seduction techniques to seduce her mind and body.


Seduction Techniques: Setting the Scene

Start with a little seduction. I once had a boyfriend who created my fantasy for me. We started off with a picnic in a secluded alcove with a waterfall. He slowly inched closer towards me throughout the meal. He did little things like feed me grapes and play with my hair. He gently caressed my arm and made me feel like the most beautiful woman on Earth. Then we went swimming, skinny dipping of course, and discovered that the waterfall had a small enclosure behind it big enough for two. I have never had better cunnilingus, or sex for that matter. His efforts were certainly appreciated and his seduction was engaging.


Think what you will about the above scenario, but the fact that he took the time to figure out what I wanted made the experience all the more earth-shattering for me. And that is why you are reading this guide, to give your girlfriend the most earth-shattering cunnilingus she has ever had.

Seduction Techniques: Set Up Some Romance

So, spend a little time on the setting. It does not have to be at a waterfall; you can set-up your romantic evening at home. Begin with a little soft music and wine. Have some rose petals and candles placed around the room. Touching and scents are some effective aphrodisiacs for women. Be sure to gently caress her arms and her face. Tell her that she is beautiful and make the event all about her. Be patient with her. Women do not just turn hot at a single touch. It will usually take several strokes and well placed words of encouragement to get her motor going.


Just for clarification, there are times when it is okay to skip the seduction and get down to business. But, if you hope for any pleasing of your own, you better make sure that you read her signs carefully. If she wants a seduction and you give her the proverbial roll in the hay, she’s not going to be so forthcoming when it is your turn. However, if she just can’t wait to have you down there, then go with the flow and enjoy yourself. The signs are pretty clear: if she’s pushing your head down, then skip the seduction and proceed to enjoy the fruits of her vagina. However, if she is avoiding your advances, you better start with some form of seducing her or you will just end up in a fight. »

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