Simple Fitness Tongue Exercises Satisfy Her When Performing Oral Sex


Cunnilingus Tips: How to Eat a Girl Out for a Longer Time

Like most humans, you may find that your jaw and tongue become fatigued with longer performances. If that happens and you stop while in the middle of performing cunnilingus, you have just shot any chance you have of getting laid for the next several weeks, if not months. So, I’ve included a few cunnilingus exercises that you can do to strengthen the muscles used during cunnilingus. Just do these easy steps while watching your favorite shows and you will learn how to eat a girl out for a longer time.


Cunnilingus Tips

When learning how to eat a girl out try using a tongue vibe for additional stimulation to assure that her clitoris gets some attention

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Did you know?

It’s a fact that the tongue actually contains never endings that can be very pleasurable, which is why performing cunnilingus can provide oral pleasure for both.

1.Cunnilingus Tips: Reach for your nose.

Stick your tongue out as far as you can and try to touch your nose. In this position, hold your muscles in place and try to move the tip of your tongue around. Practice this maneuver in sets starting with clockwise, then counter-clockwise, and end with up and down movements.


2.Cunnilingus Tips: Fine tune your muscle control.

Relax your neck muscles and keep your jaw loose. Point your tongue while simultaneously trying to keep in constant contact with the top and bottom of your mouth. Once you get the hang of this, practice moving your tongue in and out of your mouth, but remember to keep constant contact with the top and bottom of your mouth. This is not an easy task and will take some work, but it will significantly help improve the way you perform cunnilingus and your performance time.


3.Cunnilingus Tips: Practice your tongue curls.

Stick your tongue straight out, keeping it flat and relaxed. Practice slowly curling the wide tip of the tongue upward, downward, and side-to-side. Practice these in comfortable sets and hold each move for at least two seconds before moving to the next set.


4.Cunnilingus Tips: Learn to relax.

This is a fairly simple movement and I suggest this as a warm-up or cool down. Keep your tongue relaxed and open your mouth. Move your tongue in and out, but make sure it stays completely relaxed – do not point it.


And that’s it, guys. As you can see, these exercises are hardly as intense as the exercises you probably practiced at the gym to win her over in the first place. So practice these exercises whenever you get a chance. You can do them while you watch the big game, while you play solitaire, or while you’re stuck in traffic. You can do these anywhere, but the point is for you to make sure that you do them. After all, if you can better satisfy your special lady while barely moving, then you would be pretty foolish not to do so!     »

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